Monday, 11 June 2012

Feature: JP-CWL - an active sector of the community


THE Catholic Women's League (CWL) is a nationwide Catholic organization of women, founded in 1919 by the late Michele O'Doherty, Archbishop of Manila.

Registered with the Security Exchange Commission (SEC) and a bona fide member of the National Council Of Women of the Philippines (NCWP), it is affiliated with the International Organization of the World Union of Catholic Women's Organization (WUCWO).

It is a charitable, religious and civic group through which Catholic women could find means to grow in faith and have the opportunity for apostolic works.

CWL Jose Panganiban Unit was organized years ago by Rev Fr Aquilino Ochoa and Larap Unit President Lucila Belza. The first officers were inducted on July 8, 1956.

Through the group's fundraising efforts, about 75% of the parish church construction work was completed.

The CWL uniform -- blue with white in the neck and arms – is, maybe to some, a decoration of the body and society only.

But it is an awareness "that God loves me; in simple ways that may not be worthy because of imperfection, but the privilege is given - the path to holiness is somehow open".

The little white in the neck and arms is my shining armor -- the dignity of personhood and charity.

"Be holy as your Father in heaven is Holy".

Wearing CWL dress with my beautiful and good Sisters who aspired us to grow loving God, I could feel it as truly an adornment of my soul.

I could only cheer what is good and thus evade the events and moments that would separate me from Him.

For Bishop Gilbert Garcera, DD of the Diocese of Daet, CWL are the “chosen women of the Lord” and a challenge to womanly virtues and qualities of Mary, such as compassion, tenderness, endurance. All this we could pour out to our neighbors as gestures to living in Christian values.

CWL JP Unit had 20 past presidents who devotedly worked for the glory of God's kingdom, with at least 200 members.

Ignacia Tuibeo was the first president, a position now held by Norma Salinas.

Noteworthy, CWL JP unit was the first to organize CWL Junior in the province of CamNorte.

WESTY is the Apostolic mission of CWL. It stands for W-worship; E-evangilization; S-service, T-temporalities and Y-youth. Through this, devoted members could truly be blessed.

Arlene V Mariano was the first CWL JP unit president to become president of the CWL Diocesan Board for two terms (2008-2012), with Vienna Vargas as secretary and Lolita Ogad as treasurer.

On July 1, 2012, CWL JP Unit will mark its 56th foundation year.  The new junior and senior members will be installed and inducted.

This would be followed by various program activities and networking with the vicariate and diocesan units.

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