Friday, 25 May 2012

Rubbish is back! … top photo was taken during the first week of this month, to show that rubbish is back along the beach of Parang, less than month after an organized cleanup was carried out, spearheaded by the Jose Panganiban (National) High School Alumni Association and involving some officials of baranggays in poblacion. Second and third pictures were taken on Friday, May 25 to show that nothing has improved along the beach. Mayor Ricarte Padilla has branded the cleanup effort as “superficial” and “only for a show” because it is not sustainable, as proven by the scenes on the beach right now. He wants a baranggay-wide effort involving the residents along the shoreline in the clean-up to be carried out after a massive information drive explaining why the beach should stay clean. Baranggay Parang officials … wake up! – MWBuzzpics by ALFREDO P HERNANDEZ and HELEN P HERNANDEZ-CORTES

Mine silt pollution … Tons of mine silt that broke away from a collapsed tailings pond at the mining camp of Johson Gold Mining Corporation at Baranggay Bagong-bayan ended up in a shoreline nearby in the afternoon of April 13, 2012. There was no “fish-kill” reported after the incident. – MWBuzzpic by ALFREDO P HERNANDEZ

Fishermen at work … Fishermen at Parang beach prepare their boat for another nightlong fishing expedition. In most cases, they venture out of the 15km fishing zone of Jose Panganiban, CamNorte looking for fish. With some more patience, they would land overnight at least 20kg of catch, just enough to pay for their fuel and buy food for the table. They said fish within Mambulao Bay has been depleted due to over-fishing by commercial operators who venture into the municipal fishing zone with illegal fishing gear. – MWBuzzpic by ALFREDO P HERNANDEZ


  1. .....there was no reported "fish-kill" because there was no more fish to kill along the shore.

    1. TRUE TRUE TRUE... good for the fish that abandoned the bay! they have been saved from a deadlier killer ...

    2. The fish would rather die filling a man's empty stomach than die slowly from a man's poison...