Thursday, 10 May 2012

Beach resort to rise at Baranggay Pag-asa

T This tractor-backhoe has begun dredging a wide area off the beachfront as part of developing the Pag-asa beach into a resort. - More MWBuzzpics below by ALFREDO P HERNANDEZ
THE development of a beach resort at Baranggay Pag-asa in Jose Panganiban has begun.
A medium-sized tractor-backhoe was seen scooping sand from under the low-tide water.
Thousands of boulders and rocks of all sizes - those that used to host "tihim" (oyster) and "sisi" -- had been hauled off to one side of the beach.
The exercise aims to make the bottom of the water clear of rough stones that could hurt or wound swimmers and bathers.
This has been going on during low tide, when the equipment could roll on to the farther stretch of the shallow beach to do the scooping job.
Sand and boulders (right) are piled after being retrieved manually and mechanically from the bottom of the beach water. Notice the Carol Island, a beach island, in the horizon
The sand that has been removed will be replaced by white sand from Calalanay Island, another beach island popular among Mambulaoans.
The plan is to make at least 5,000 square-meter portion of the beach front deeper, similar to that of a dipping pool.
This will be enclosed by a wall that would dam the water.
The enclosure/pond, about 5,000sqm, would retain clear sea water even if its low tide and thus allow swimmers, especially young boys and girls to continue their fun in the water.
Likewise, the entire length of the Pag-asa beach covered by development plan would be carpeted with Calalanay's white sand to further improve the aesthetics of the beach landscape.
Confirming this, town mayor Ricarte Padilla told MWBuzz that the beach shore would be lined with bright lamp posts and that better designed cottages-for-rent will be erected.
    Children enjoy the cool water under a blistering morning sun at Pag-asa beach.
Proper resort toilet and bathroom facilities will also be constructed in the area and that the parking space would be expanded, he said.
Ricarte said that the Pag-asa beach resort will be one of those that will benefit from the baranggay road concreting projects.
"Pag-nasemento na ang buong Parang-Larap road, mas maraming bakasyonista pati na mismong taga Mambulaoa ang mai-enganyong bumiyahe sa Pag-asa para maligo dito," he said.
He has projected that the cemented portion of the Larap road from Baranggay Parang would connect with the Spurline bridge, the gateway to Baranggay Larap, before election time next year.
    The beach front of Baranggay Pag-asa which is now undergoing development.
Recently, the Pag-asa beach was jammed with Balikbayans and alumni from the Jose Panganiban (National) High School who attended the recent general homecoming reunion.
They were impressed with the sights around the beach and hoped that when they return next year for another beach sojourn, the Pag-asa beach shall have been further developed with better resort facilities to cater for domestic foreign and domestic tourists.
The upcoming resort will be managed by the Pag-asa baranggay council which would tap local labor.    Beach-goers huddle as they enjoy an early afternoon drink


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