Thursday, 10 May 2012

Johson Gold Mining in tree planting program

Seedlings ready for transplanting to Johson Gold Mining's reforestation area in Baranggay Bagong-Bayan in Jose Panganiban.

THE Johson Gold Mining Corporation (JGMC) has been active in its reforestation program in Jose Panganiban since 1999.

Jason A Marcelo, vice-president, told MWBuzz that it had planted close to 5,000 seedlings, replanted about 400 and managed to grow 3,000 trees so far.

These were the same figures the miner had submitted to the Mines and GeoSciences Bureau (MGB).

Marcelos said JGMC has planted the following varieties: Acacia Aurie - 328; assorted seedlings - 294; mahogany - 110.

To boost its reforestation project, JGMC has started a nursery operation in a 80sqm area within its plant/industrial site (processing compound).
Total areas planted to date is 2.3762ha, while there is still new plantation or ongoing expansion of up to 0.280ha.

JGMC believes that the reforestation program is not only a compliance to the NGP (National Greening Program), but more of a practice of JGMC's commitment to responsible mining practices, according to Marcelo in a statement sent to MWbuzz. 

Above: Flourishing trees which were planted in 2009. Below, two of the tree-planting areas being taken care of by Johson Gold Mining. More reforestation efforts are on-going where the miner operates.

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