Thursday, 10 May 2012

Cement donations to road projects hit 2,557 bags

A poster announces the names of donors towards the road cementing project of Mayor Ricarte Padilla. - MWBuzzpic

ABOUT 2,557 bags of cement have been donated to the road concreting project of Jose Panganiban Mayor Ricarte Padilla.

Dubbed "A bag of cement for a cause", the project has drawn a total of 10 donors, according to latest figures obtained by MWBuzz from the office of the mayor.

Led by Batch '81 of the Jose Panganiban National High School Alumni Association (JPNHSAA), which donated 1,000 bags of cement, the donors included the following:

AW Fishing Corp - 100 bags; Batch '66 JPNHS - 160; LaPIMa - 20; Bemkar Construction - 100; Philpost - 200; JVF Enterprise - 100; Ronie Habitan - 100; M/V Cristina -50; Enelita Lamadrid - 10;  Jenny Ramos - 15; Lando Gruta - 100; M/V Ophelia - 50 bags; Jelaines Pharmacy - 100; M/V Lady Gemma - 30; Larap Ex-PIMers - 7; Percy Ostonal - 29; LGU-JP Employees - 150 bags; RASI Stevedoring - 200; Investwell Mineral - 200; and Elvira Hernandez & Family of Parang - 23 bags

In a banner displayed in strategic places around the town, the LGU of Jose Panganiban has expressed appreciation to the generosity of donors towards the road project' whose "donations had greatly contributed in the continuous concreting of road networks in our municipality".

The concreting of the road to Larap has now reached Baranggay Calero where stretches of one-lane cement road could be seen.

Padilla told MWBuzz that the cementing of the Larap road up to the Spurline bridge would be completed early next year.

He said that if he would be re-elected in next year's election, the Larap road concreting would be done by year's end. Funds secured for Senior Citizens center building in Larap

The JP-LGU also expects to cement other baranggay roads during the year using funds from the national government and pork barrels from congressmen supportive of Padilla's road cementing projects.

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