Monday, 11 June 2012

Padilla: I will buy your plastic rubbish


JOSE PANGANIBAN Mayor Ricarte Padilla said he will buy the community’s plastic rubbish as one means to rid the municipality of this nonbiodegradable material.

He told MWBuzz recently: "I am putting up at least P500,000 to buy sacks that to be distributed to Mambulaoans – here in the poblacion and in baranggays … with this (sack), they would be able store plastic materials considered as waste ... once the sack is full, they can bring this to our waste recovery center and we will pay them P10 per sack …”

Ricarte said in an interview that the plastic-rubbish buying scheme is one way to encourage Mambulaoans not to throw household rubbish away indiscriminately.

 “We are going to launch what we call a material recovery facility (MRF) which will take care of the community rubbish … it will engage in waste recycling …”

Padilla said the facility will be built at a municipal landfill at Baranggay Larap.

 “We are going to provide every household a sack where plastic wastes could be stored,” he said.

“Once the sack is full, they can bring it to a designated recovery outlet in town where they will be paid P10 per sack,” Padilla said, adding that he has set aside funds for this purpose.

“Initially, I have set aside P100,000,” Padilla said.

He said this would be a new incentive for everybody to recover plastic wastes in their surroundings, especially those that are lying around the beach in Parang.

Padilla said the MRF will classify and recycle community/household rubbish for proper recycling.
He said that the LGU is in talks with a recycling company that will buy recovered recyclable materials from the MRF.

“It would be a new source of revenue for the municipal government,” Padilla said.
He urged Mambulaoans to dispose of their household rubbish in a responsible manner for the good of the community.

“Ang kalinisan po ng ating kapaligiran ay para din po sa ating mga mamamayan at ito naman ay hindi mahirap gawin,” Padilla said.

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