Friday, 6 July 2012

Late-breakes by PERCY A OSTONAL

Infrastructure projects dominate 2012 JP budget. From a reputable source of information, MWBUZZ learned that infrastructure projects dominate JP 2012 budget of P87-P90 million. A whopping 40%, or P36 million, would be allocated and the rest of the 60% would be allotted to the following: social services, health and sanitation, education, peace and order and administrative expenses. The 2011 budget almost looks the same except for some increase in percentage infrastructure basically because the "Padilla administration" team greatly emphasizes on "farm-to-market-roads". At the provincial level, Vice-Governor Jonah Pedro G Pimentel being the presiding chairman did the questioning to the municipal delegation of Jose Panganiban LGU. Report said that provincial authorities gave high mark to the group’s budget presentation and had good words for delivering generous allocation to intended  use/purpose.

2013 local elections heat up …  It has been widely anticipated that ex-mayor William Lim will ultimately face off the current office holder, Mayor Ricarte Padilla for next year's mayoral contest and this early, speculation indicates that his political  preparation is on the way. A closed politically ally of his who declined to be identified said that more or less, the tentative slate for councilors has been drafted to represent youth, baranggay leaderships, previous and current Sangguniang-Bayan members. Here's the summary:  

1.    Two  current  Baranggay chairpersons
2.    Two  JPNHS  alumni grand reunion 2012 organizers (youth sector)
3.    Two  ex- council members

Two to three current council members (one of them as speculated, is now considered "independent-minded" and may or may not be included in the final listing. Meanwhile, in addition to the five administration current Sangguniang-Bayan members running for re-election, the elected president of the Federation of Baranggay presidents, Mr Relao, who is now a member of the Municipal Council is the assumed "sixth man" lately added to Padilla- Non political party candidates . 

A different battleground. With Mayor Dong Padilla's  "most ideal leadership and governance" recorded in the history of  Jose Panganiban politics, it has been said by many observers and political pundits in our town and even the whole province of Camarines Norte no one dares as of this time confronting him for mayorship in next year’s local elections. With "landslide" votes in 2010 of 11,000 plus against  his opponent, Yolanda M Lim's (wife of ex-mayor William Lim), the "political stardom" of  Mayor Dong Padilla remains unthreatened so far after two years in office. More so, his legion of supporters comes in waves and growing in numbers by days. People in our community are on the cusp of shaking hands with a "real  son of Mambulao”, who has become a “new dawn  of inspiration to everyone”. Just like the late US President John F Kennedy, Padilla has the same line of ideals of people and country partnering towards nation-building, which in the case our town, using the "bag (s) of cement for-a-cause" as showcase. The latest row of speculation indicates that it is the vice-mayorship that will be the object of contested hot seat and Ariel Non, current vice- mayor and party-mate of Mayor Padilla has to live within the "status quo" of his boss realizing that old  political rivals in capacities of former mayor, vice- mayors and newcomers have the chance of unsetting him with all previous job experience and financial resources at their disposal.

Ex-Labo mayor Oco
Governor Tallado
COMELEC unofficial tabulation favors Winifredo B Oco as 2010 CamNorte elected governor. The 2010 electoral protest for provincial governor of Camarines Norte by Winifredo Balce-Oco against the setting Governor Edgardo Tallado was reported  to have  accelerated into higher gears and the COMELEC  latest unofficial tabulation re-count  based on provincial certificate of canvass shows Oco leading Tallado. Report received by MWBUZZ said that with few remaining votes to be accounted for, the trend continues in favor of Oco. As everyone may recalled, Tallado was declared the winner by slim margin over Oco. On  May 21, 2010, Oco filed a petition contesting voter’s count under case No. 2010-24 on Precint #95. Oco was the former mayor of Labo, Camarines Norte and ran under LAKAS-KAMPI-CMD, while Edgardo Tallado with LIBERAL Party.

Anytime now. Governor Edgardo A Tallado, based on the latest report reaching MWBUZZ is losing his grip as Camarines Norte's top chief executive job. His few but die-hard supporters belonging to JP Sangguniang-bayan members have been described as somewhat "uncomfortable" with the rapid changing event knowingly that upper political patronage they used to enjoy is about to end. Winifredo Balce-Oco,former Mayor of Labo, who filed election protest in May 21, 2010 at the COMELEC and contested his  proclamation seems to be ending his long battle as "the rightful owner" of the provincial mandate. Tallado, who is also from Labo, Camarines Norte, was born in baranggay Canapawan, July 9, 1963. He graduated from UST with Civil Engineering degree and made fortune as contractor in Sta Mesa, Manila .

(Some inserts of information taken from Libertas election Adjudication project website)

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