Friday, 6 July 2012


 The sunset at Mambulao Bay makes a Mambulaoan proud -- Pic by ANDY FABOR

Boardwalk remodeling nears completion. In the next few months, you'll love to entertain your guests at the newly refurbished boardwalk. Latest news reaching MWBuzz said it's 50% done and soon, every Mambulaoans will enjoy Jose Panganiban's late afternoon famous sunset over-looking green-covered north and south mountain ranges that surround Mambulao Bay. When people come from out of town, especially first-timers, they usually wonder how close they are to nature's beauty, which by all account is something we can brag about. Our latest info from JP indicates that floor cementing is now in progress.

School buildings from Good Samaritan. MWBuzz received news dispatch from JP that "another good Samaritan" (just like the one who delivered "bag(s) of cement-for-a cause") has just offered a donation of four elementary classrooms at Luklukan Norte (Calogcog ) and at Bagong-Bayan elementary school. Each of these primary learning institutions will get two buildings (two classrooms) to accommodate the growing number of schoolchildren in these two baranggays. Mayor Dong Padilla and his close confidant don't want to reveal his/her identity until the preparations for the building inauguration are almost complete. It appears, this donor seems to be from private sector rather than from any government entity. No project cost was mentioned. As pre-requisite by law, any building ownership must be known and pretty soon, we will know who this benefactor is. At one occasion, apparently Mayor Padilla informed the Sangguniang Bayan members about this "gracious donation" from someone who cares for the future of the coming generation.

JP's motor pool building ready for use. As one municipal employee said: "Minsan hindi mo naman hinahangad, pero mabuti na ring mapalitan and dating motor pool building ... walang kaayusan, nang masunog ito, karamihan sa amin ay may tamang haka-haka -- a change for the better". (we never wished to have the old motor pool replaced, but everything there was disorganized and when it burned down to the ground, everyone was thinking it would be changed for the better). A year after it happened, a brand-new motor pool building will be fully operational complete with offices for Engineering, Municipal Projects Development Office (MPDO) and Municipal  Engineer at any time from now. Mayor Dong Padilla and his administration's social and infrastructure projects depend greatly on how prepared and ready would his team be to provide technical support.

Road cementing update. Report from JP local correspondent said the JP-Larap road cementing project will be done before 2013 elections. Currently, work is "round-the-clock" at Baranggay Calero. Money coming from government funding sources and residents of our town (local and overseas) are making this LGU-bayanihan undertaking quite inspiring.

Weekend flea market in JP. If you're a restaurant owner, food caterer or simply has big family to feed, would you rather troop to JP's vegetable market, retail rice corner stores or meat section for your extra food supplies when you know too well that Saturday and Sunday give you a great bargain for your peso? The weekend flea market benefits lots of our ordinary wage-earners with savings from 20% to 50%, as compared to buying from the usual fresh food market. To perk up the source of livelihood within Jose Panganiban, the "farm-to-market' produce that has been long introduced by no less than the previous LGU administrations makes sense in bringing prices at their reasonable levels. I was told that vegetables that could not be grown in our climate here in Bicol such as carrots, sayote, red pepper, patatas, Baguio beans brocolli and many others are regularly being transported from Mountain Province in huge trucks to our town at less than Divisoria prices. Two full-capacity trucks that sells 25 kilos/bag of rice from Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija are also on standby for buyers in small or big quantities and for farm animals such as chicken and pig from nearby barrios, "marami raw at mura per kilo" (said to be  plenty and cheap per kilo). Viajeros (travelling traders) bringing "sibuyas, bawang, luya, kamatis, pechay and mustasa" from Divisoria wholesale market sell their goods very cheap but still offer good profits to the local traders reselling them in JP. Labo, CamNorte, supplies "pako, niyog, ampalaya, sitaw, camote, mani, upo and kalabasa". And here's the interesting part of it: our local market retailers have become "dominant buyers" and that all they do is repack the goodies and price them much lower on a regular market day. The market administrator, Bembol Roxas, directed his market collector to charge P20 fee to a meter-long (3.28 ft) stall. "Parang fiesta raw pag araw ng tyangi" (it's just like fiesta during flea market day), said one churchgoer who would buy supplies after the Sunday service. Below are the flea market schedules:

Every Saturday - 3pm to 7pm (subject to time adjustment depending on number of customers)
Every Sunday - 6am to 7pm subject to time adjustment depending on number of customers)

Location: northwest portion of the regular public market, towards the JP Park area.

JP's most favorable status as Makati City "sister" community. Now that Vice-President Jejomar Binay is fortifying his "well-known" presidential ambition comes 2016 among his political friends, allies and party mates in every city, municipality as well as regional advance coordinating teams for "Binay for President", his own city's long-standing affinity of "sisterhood" with JP way back to previous administration when he was still its mayor makes this small town of Jose Panganiban "a never-to -forget" source of sizeable votes. Binay, in past calamities that hit our town, sent two truckloads of relief goods and medicines and later cash for the construction of Larap senior citizen multi-purpose hall. It won't be surprising to know that JP's token of support is the result of ties between the city of Makati and JP. Binay could look forward to reaping the fruits come election time.

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