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SLOW-BACKWARD: Of Mambulao politics, vendors and all


Early politics of Marciano Linis, Roy Padilla Sr and Freddie Schneider 

I CAN ONLY speak and talk about these three political leaders of our town way back in the 50s, 60s and 70s. 

It was the time when almost everyone in town took the "eskutenyo", or counting of votes, as a serious matter. Young and old loved to find out who's leading or losing after a grueling “miting de avance”.

My kumpareng Edgar's late father, Gonzalo Aler, a live-dynamite-fun-to-watch-eloquent speaker and campaign manager of the late Roy Padilla Sr would surely give you the thrill with his tales on the late mayor-governor.

But I have my own.

Vividly, I could still remember Padilla’s hand gestures of authority promising "free tuition fees for high school students" and “restoring peace and order” in Mambulao. 

Propelling his candidacy with vision of community discipline, Padilla was good if not the best with his awesome challenge of "hain baga, mayo man" followed by infectious smiles that no one could ever resist. 

That was the vintage Padilla -- "ang idolo" (idol) as projected himself. 

At that time, the late Marciano Linis, who was running for re-election, had banked on the support mostly of Mambulao residents and previous political mastery. However, this too much “confianza” on Linis’ part was something his political advisers had failed to interpret. It meant a big loss.

It was considered the biggest election upset in the province of CamNorte.

And as neophyte, Roy Padilla Sr’s hands-on leadership as NAMAWU president gave him more latitude administering key changes specially in the police force’s mediocre images. 
Now the mayor, Padilla's initial order was the complete re-selection and re-training of the whole police force. If some of you remember, they wore dark uniforms, marching, jogging, exercising and doing all sort of things to boost their fitness to policing job -- something never in Mambulao before.

The late Freddie Schneider assumption of the mayor’s office after Roy Padilla Sr became vice-governor and Marcial Pimentel becoming the provincial governor was more than expected. 

The people of Jose Panganiban understood that leaving the “other half” serving the constituents with the same management style kept all municipal projects and activities running like a finely-tuned up Ford engine. 

Anything needed from the provincial government (say, project funding) was not a major problem. The benefits of running under the Liberal Party made everything smooth- and cool. 

The present seawalls, or "breakwaters", behind the municipal hall stretching up to market site (South Poblacion) and going to Parang bridge are a living tribute to ex-mayor Marciano Linis’ idea of protecting the lives and properties of our people. It is there for us to enjoy as part of the present-day JP park. All this we owe to Linis.

Oldest social clubs in Mambulao

Had your lolos, lolas, uncles and aunties mentioned to you that the two oldest social clubs in Mambulao then were "MAJOCLU and MARSEVENAS"? MAJOCLU stands for MAMBULAO JOLLY CLUB founded in 1951 by no less  than ex-mayor Marciano Linis, Felix Baliuag, Doming Abanto, Atty Monding Narra, Dr Guito Bamba and ex-mayor Freddie Schneider. The following were the members:

Mr & Mrs Marciano Linis
Mr  & Mrs. Freddie Schneider (nee: Thelma Madarang)
Dr & Mrs Guito Bamba
Mr & Mrs Ben Delica (nee: Aling Nena)
Mr & Mrs Felix Baliuag (nee: Aling Fe)
Mr & Mrs. Amado Pancha Sr (nee Aling Aida)
Atty & Mrs Edmundo "Monding" Narra (nee: Lydia Schneider)
Mr & Mrs Doming Abanto (nee: Aling Eva)
Mr & Mrs Abriol (nee: Aling Tasing)
Mr  & Mrs Jose "Joe" Defeo (nee: Aling Alice)
Mrs Metty Bamba 
Mr & Mrs Priscillano "Presing" Ostonal (nee:  Aling Mena Abasula)
Mr  & Mrs Simeon Rodrigo
Mr & Mrs Felino "Felining" Schneider (nee: Aling Lily)
When I paid a visit to our Nanay in Toronto, Canada three weeks ago, (she is 89) she said only a handful are still around and they are:  
Mrs Fe Baliuag, late 80s
Mrs  Alice Defeo, 89 
Mrs Nena Delica, early 90s

(Please let us know who among  these members listed above are still living so that we can re-include them to surviving-member listing, thank you.)  

MARSEVENAS was an organization created in the early 60s and spearheaded by the late Ricardo "Cardo" Flores at market site, now the center of trade and local commerce in JP.

The club's members comprise anybody who lived within the perimeters of the public market -- vendors, retailers or trade shop owners. 

MARSEVENAS stands for Market Sellers, Vendors Association and primarily its objective was purely socialization after a hard day of vending. The organization officers act as the "neutral venue" of resolving conflicts among its members and maintaining harmony to all.

 Ms Tita dela Torre
Mr Pedro Barce
Mr Narciso Panganiban
Mr Rolly Panganiban
Mr Manuel  V Cacawa
Mr & Mrs Salvador "Rabot" Nunez
Mr & Mrs Rufo Marasigan (nee: Tyang Glor)
Mr & Mrs Manuel Dumagcao (nee: Tyang Reming)
Mr & Mrs  Sismundo "Mundoy" Cabanela (nee: Tyang Maring)
Mr. & Mrs. Valeriano "Vale" Ebona
Mr & Mrs Damaso "Dasoy/Sojogi" Heraldo (Tyang Nelly)
Mrs  Sila Dumangas
Mrs  Pilar Rodelas
Tyong Tentoy & Tyang Tutay
Mr Narciso " Bangog" Serrano
Tyong Dulfo (taga-pulok ni Police Chief Cacawa)
Mr  Marciano Pedir
Tata Enggo Abrina
Mr & Mrs Gregorio “Tata G’wit" Villarosa
Mr & Mrs Rustico "Tyong Ticoy" Leona
Mr & Mrs Jerry Roldan (nee: Thelma Cabanela)
Tyong Ponso Barce
Mr & Mrs Celso Dacillo (nee: Tessie Barce)
Mr Abog Enecio
Mr & Mrs Vedasto Mojal (nee: Tyang Boding)
Mr & Mrs Pricillano Ostonal (nee: Aling Mena)
Mr & Mrs Talor
Mr & Mrs Tony Panganiban
Ms Erlinda Pateno
Mr & Mrs Ricardo Flores
Tyang Tiray Lascano

 Remembering those old places, people and events in the 50s, 60s and the 70s
* At the junction called "biglang liko"
* No expense dating place at night at JPES
* Highest bid for the "Social Box" to dance with the barrio queen in Calogcog, Parang, Sta 
  Rosa Sur/ Norte
* Running away from Mang Tino (JPES caretaker) after sneaking away his cashew, 
   macopa and avocado fruits
* Jumping in at the social center with "barkadas" without paying entrance tickets during 
   summer breaks dance parties
* Mang Tibo softdrinks and halo-halo
* Inday buwa's place in the old market
* Baratillo store
* Fred theater 
* The making of the breakwaters or seawalls.
* Gambling place: Sa pula, sa puti (Pula-dayon!)
* Sabunngan sa Motherlode
* Mainit na pandesal sa Liberty Bakery
* ALATCO buma-byahe pa-puntang Daet
* Tugtog ni Jordas pag may ililibing
* Sining libre ng "Cortal" sa may municipio
* Local basketball stars with LEB'S and Sarto’s Tailoring
* Beauty queens coronation nights
* Mga gamot sa anumang sakit at ang "star of the show" ay si KIKO!!! 
* Si kirat -- ang bantay sa Fred Theater noon
* Si Arse -- ang “terror” na taga-bakuna sa braso
* Si Kamlon, kinatatakutang police ng Mambulao
* Si Celing Rayala, ang "half-court" basketball shooter from Larap
* The Aquino brothers towering heights in basketball court
* Si "Kid Juanito" - ang dating boxer from Parang na mahilig kumanta pag lasing
* Ang maraming "basnig" sa aplaya ng Parang between mid 50s to late 60s 
* Mga candidates for governor noon: Pedro Venida, Marcial Pimentel, Rogelio Panotes,  
   Fernando Pajarillo     
   at Dominador Asis

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  1. Just wondering, whatever happened to Mayor Linis? How come even the name seem to have disappeared? I grew up believing that Mambulao was wild wild west, and even up to now for some reason A flash of burning Mambulao flashes instantly at the resonance of the name "Linis" in my my mind? Could you pls enlighten us about the truth during this era?