Thursday, 19 July 2012

LATE-BREAKERS- Knock, knock, who's there? by PERCY A OSTONAL

Knock, knock … who's there? CamNorte Gov Edgardo A Tallado's medical and dental mission thru his provincial mobile service project came back to its birthplace in Jose Panganiban on july 10, 2012. It was in 2011 when it was introduced in our place and since then, this social welfare project has been making rounds of every town. Hailed by no less than Secretary “Dinky" Soliman of DSWD (Department of Social Welfare and Development) as "quite different” by  bringing caravan service direct to people, instead of people going to the provincial capitol for their survival needs, “libreng gamot, pang- kabuhayan, pang-agricultura, libreng dental services, gupit at "hot oil" (free medicines, livelihood and agricultural supports, free dental services, haircut and hot-oil) were all provided to the hillside residents of Baranggay Calogcog. Our local correspondent did not specify if Gov Tallado himself and his entourage was there but a it was more than enough for someone to show-up and be in front of everyone as if saying " tao po, tao po … eh sino po sila? (house-owner asking) "eh, ako po si William Lim, dating mayor ng Jose Panganiban!!!.”
"Let me try again". Recent rumor reaching MWBuzz said that ex-mayor William A Lim and former vice-mayor Casiano Dilao, together with current Sangguniang-Bayan Guzman Ultra, current Baranggay Chairman of Santa Milagrosa, Mr Ajete and Baranggay Chairman of Salvacion Enrico Solis are all one testing the next "electoral waters" of Jose Panganiban. Sangguniang-Bayan Member Ybarola who is a partymate of the group is said to be not too sure of re-joining then and hinted looking forward for a shot at the provincial board level. Apparently, the administration SB members were on "wait-and-see" basis knowingly that he (Ybarola) could be the missing piece to complete their roster, but the essence of time and his intention should be known by now otherwise, the remaining spots will be up for grabs among the many aspirants under Mayor Dong Padilla's ticket.
Sightings of four cargo ships at Larap bay.
Latest news report from our JP correspondent said that sighting of four cargo ships  at Larap Bay seems to be so alarming after the fiasco that happened in Paracale, Camarines Norte some few weeks ago. Concerned citizens of Baranggay Larap and its neighboring island residents alerted the LGU for fear that "our minerals wealth" are being taken away overseas without  proper government  mining clearance and  withdrawal authorization. Our Municipal authority is currently conducting its own investigation. (Obviously, the ones who fielded those vessels are after the heaps of iron ore that was abandoned by the defunct Philippine Iron Mines (PIM) when it closed shop in the middle 70s. The volume of this stockpile could be in hundreds of metric tons, worth millions of dollars. Mayor Dong has been eyeing this stockpile for disposal, in coordination with relevant government agencies, thinking that this resource belongs to the municipality of Jose Panganiban, and that a substantial royalty revenue could be made for the municipality. However, this was frustrated by President Noynoy’s Executive Order No 79, declaring that “abandoned mineral stockpiles, mine wastes and tailings and other wastes from which new types of minerals could be extracted using latest techs belong to the state”. Now, the BIG QUESTION: WHO SENT THOSE PIRATE SHIPS DESPITE EO79? Well, somebody was waving from the provincial capitol, or is it from the same Chinese group who tried to spirit away that magnetic sand stockpile in Pulandaga, Paracale. – MWBuzz ed)

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