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SLOW-BACKWARD: Special people of Mambulao, by PERCY A OSTONAL

 The present-day Jose Panganiban Elementary School (JPES). During the 50s, most of prominent business people set up their businesses right in front of the school campus, including Mang Tibo (halo-halo), Mang Joe (ice-drop/hot cake man), the Orbes (variety store), the Custodios (sari-sari and dry-goods), the Alers, the Lamadrids, the Abrinas (variety store), and a lot more. – MWBuzzpic and text by A P HERNANDEZ

Local words uniquely from Mambulao. Words listed below represent our time  in the 50s, 60s and early part of the 70s. The transformation of Mambulao during the gold boom and later dubbed as "Little Manila" due to flourishing businesses operated by locals, Chinese, Japanese, Syrians and many other nationalities as well as the influx of capital investments in mining Industry brought large number of  migrant workers from every  parts of the country. The "by-product": having mixture of regional dialects among its inhabitants somehow, created words strictly original and only spoken in our town. Relax, reminisce the past and of course … have fun and laugh!!!

(Note: some information inserts above were sourced from the Website of Museo Bulawan and Wikipedia)

Kalkalin (to dig or scratch by hands)
Tagiti (shower, small drops of rain)
Huwag kang hahara-hara (don't block my way or don't challenge me … must be from the word harang or harangan. - Ed)
Huwag kang Sikupal (Don't be a show off person or don't brag … from two words “si” to refer to someone, and “kupal” a derogatory adjective, in short: Si Kupal)
Huwag mong adiohin ang bayabas (Don't climb up the guava tree)
Mabulsot (step on a hole)
Bukatot (put in Jail)
Suanoy (unstable mind, crazy)
Tinampo (street)
Kalkagin (to use rake in cleaning debris)
Oo ngani (yes, ended)
Kanaway (sneaking away fish from passing “cargador” carrying "banyeras", as in “manganganaway kami mamaya)
Hanip talaga It’s incredible)
Dasig-dasig (move a little bit)
Para-tamban (prefer to stay away from school. The one practicing it is called “tambanero”)
Parahe po (please stop (the bus) … don't ever think the other translation …its  bad!!!.
Magit-il (flirty)
Pulasi (muddy and sticky with foul odor and breeding place of mosquitoes … the place is described as “pulasi-an)
Padongker-donker lang (taking everything in life easy, no need to hurry)
Ubang (sewer or sewer canal)
Sibid-sibiran (lightweight fishing boat with bamboo outriggers on both sides for keeping balance)
Ura-urastig (trying to be the best)
Pusot (non-legal entry … the act of doing it is “nakapusot, or nakalusot)
Siripukot man ang boses (out of tune when singing)
Ma-siste baga (very vibrant or appealing)
Kupalin (Has nothing to prove … from the word “kupal”)
Utay-utay lang (doing it partially or on installment basis)
Ta ngani mag para ngak-ngak (just shut up and stop talking)

Remembering 'special people' of our town
Aling Emang Custodio  -  of Custodio Dry Goods and Variety Store at market site fronting JPES, grand matriarch of the family
Aling Neneng Linis-Orbe - of Aling Neneng's Variety Store at Market site, fronting JPES
T'yang Poning Aler - of Aler General Merchandise and Optical Center, fronting JPES
T'yong Tibo - his "pakaskas halo-halo", soft drinks, komiks and newspaper business fronting JPES
Manuel “Tata Bawit" Cacawa - JP  long-serving chief-of-police
T'yong Godo and Aling Nena Lamadrid - of Three Sisters Halo-halo and Soda fountain, fronting JPES
T'yong Mondoy Cabanela - considered then the titular head of  fish wholesale  buying group
Inday Buwa - of marketsite that sells anything junks and still makes money
T'yong Narsing and T'yang Tansing Panganiban - of Baratillo General merchandise store at market site
Mang nick - of Nick Studio
"Taba"  or “Macau” – big boss at Liberty Bakery
Dr and Mrs Valdez - pioneering doctor-nurse team in JP
Dr Francisco Torres – pioneering dentist
Mr and Mrs Dela Cruz - one of pioneering pharmacies in JP
The Loverias  - pioneering magazine and newspaper distributor in JP and Larap
The Angats, Arriolas, Schneiders,Ramos, Adeas, Arenals, Espanas, Loverias, Defeos, Linis, Evias, Escios ,Lamadrids, Evangelistas
Ex-Mayor/Ex-Governor Roy Padilla Sr
Marcelo Evia - long serving municipal secretary of JP
T'yong Godo - the ice cream man
Mang Joe – the ice-drop/ hot-cake man posted in front of JPES

 JP political trivia in the 60s
1. Who were the mayoral candidates during the time of Mayor Marciano Linis  prior to the candidacy of  Roy Padilla?

Awswer: Mr T Arriola, Mr Lope Ong, Mr Francisco "kikoy" Madolid.

2. Who was considered "first son of Mambulao" elected to the provincial board?

 Answer: Atty Edmundo "Munding" Narra
3. Who made political history (landslide margin of victory) for mayorship in JP?

Answer: Ricarte "Dong" Padilla over Mrs Lim in 2010  local election, some 6,000 votes ahead

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