Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Join the Crusade to Save our Bay

The new face of Mambulao Bay … this picture first appeared on Facebook account “Taga-Jose Panganiban Ka Ba?” last April to call the attention of the community and all Mambulaoans to the worsening condition of the bay and the beach, known as Parang Beach. Gradually, it is becoming the new face of Mambulao Bay that is choking from worsening pollution caused by mercury-and-cyanide tainted waste waters from gold mining operations around the municipality of Mambulao. – MWBuzz by ALFREDO P HERNANDEZ 

Aren’t you glad that there is a beach called Pulang Daga (pictured) in Paracale where you can go for a nice stroll on its sand and for its sweet breeze, because the one you have in Mambulao -- the Parang beach -- has become unfit for humans like you to walk on as it has been inundated by all sorts of rubbish, including human excreta? Think hard about this and consider doing something to save your beach. – Text by AP Hernandez/ photo courtesy of MA. LOURDES SOLANGALA

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