Tuesday, 10 January 2012

JPNHS alumni group eyed for restructure

THE JPNHS Alumni Association needs an overhaul to pave way for three core groups that would formulate policies and plans and run its projects for deserving beneficiaries in Mambulao.

Sam Tatom ... overhaul is in order
This was proposed by prominent alumni Sam Tatom, hoping that it would be taken up during the general assembly meeting at the alumni reunion in April 28-29, 2012.

Tatom said the existing group will be the one to handle and carry out “our objectives” through the proposed three core groups.

He said he believes that those alumni who are now in their past 30s would be the one to support the group’s plan, noting that the younger sets of Mambulaoans would not be interested to come along.

Tatom, who was banking on majority of the roughly 10,000 members, said that with only little prodding they would rise up to the challenge to join in the crusade to make a change in the community.

Here, Tatom said in email sent to ’66 batch mates, “we need proper planning and handling to entice the majority members to support this drive”.

A copy was furnished the MWBuzz.

Tatom said the core groups will be as follows:

1) Mambulao group composed of town Mayor Dong Padilla, the municipal engineer, the JPNHS principal, a local lawyer and an elder member of the community;

2) Manila group composed of the current JPNHS president Beth Alvero, LaPIMa president Alex Reuyan, the alumni VP-Manila group Cynthia Ygbarola, two senior alumni members, namely Jun Espana and Renato Jimeno.

3) International group composed of five members: Matt Espana (Califonia), Percy Ostonal (Michigan), Edgar Aler (California), Manny Malangyaon (Toronto, Canada) and Alfredo P Hernandez (Papua New Guinea).

Five senior alumni with no voting rights will comprise the board of advisers: Eddie Tarog, Joel Torregoza, Sam Tatom and two other still unnamed members.

Tatom said that the proposed core group members will automatically become directors, whose job is to come up with plans and formulate ideas on how to go about the group’s operations.

“The names that I brought in are just suggestions subject to change,” he said, urging members to suggest “reliable working Mambulaoans”.

Tatom also stressed the need to set up a secretariat whose jobs include the creation of members’ directory (name, postal addressed, email addresses, landline phone numbers and cell phone numbers.)

One of the secretariat’s vital jobs is to find donors to help fund the group’s education and livelihood projects.

Tatom said donors could be politicians (congressmen and senators), domestic and overseas corporate donors and private individuals who could be based in the Philippines as well as overseas.

The secretariat would also work to seek aids from donor groups in Japan, Europe and US.

Tatom said the alumni’s priority projects include Tesda scholarships for 16 deserving Mambulaoan youths – four each from Larap, Parang, J Panganiban and Pag-Asa.

Livelihood projects are also being planned to provide low-income Mambulaoans more source of livelihood.

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