Tuesday, 24 January 2012

    Tourist hazard …! This is the left wing of “Boardwalk”, popular hang-around 
      spot at the breakwater just behind the JP town hall. Funding constraints have prevented 
      the town government to fix it despite its being touted as a “tourist spot”. Notice too, the 
      color of the bay water to the left of the picture – brown – which should not be the case, 
      but because of continuing pollution caused by red mud being dumped into the Mambulao 
      Bay by gold operators on the outskirts of the poblacion, the quality of the bay water has 
      deteriorated over the last few years. This picture was taken a few days ago. – Text by AP 

    Mud pond … Children enjoy their swim despite of the water. Photo taken at the 
      breakwater just next to the “Boardwalk” that sits behind the JP town hall. Onlookers 
      would not be able to see the sandy surface beneath the water because it’s been covered 
      by red mud dumped into Mambulao Bay by gold operators nearby. The bay is helpless  
      and choking to death. -  Text by AP Hernandez and MWBuzzpic by ARNEL P 

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