Tuesday, 10 January 2012

JPNHS to tap foreign sources for funding

THE JPNHS Alumni Association is seriously looking at international institutions and corporate groups as sources of funding.

The idea was brought up in emails to members by two prominent alumni – Sam Tatom and Ed Tarog – both of Batch 66.

Ed Tarog ...'let's come up big'
Tatom, a retiree based in Metro Manila, has earlier suggested, and backed by Jakarta-based Tarog, that the association should tap “potential sources of financial assistance outside the alumni membership”.

They were referring to foreign donors and corporate contributions.

However, they were still trying to identify potential foreign donors which overseas association members, especially those in the US and Canada, could approach.

Tatom and Tarog said that “without adequate financial support, the brightest idea will slowly but surely fade into oblivion”.

“So, once and for all, if we all agree to support a big project, then let’s come up big too with our financial help,” says Tarog.

“It can all be voluntary, but we can all collectively and individually commit to helping financially as best as we can,” he said.

Tarog said that for starters, “we can pledge an amount as our initial contribution but make the amount much more substantial than the obligatory ‘pass-the-hat’ amount”.

Saying in jest, he said: “It might mean for some of us not going to Boracay this summer, or foregoing buying the new Aplle iPad3 that’s going to be released early this year … or whatever it is … we might have to let go.”

“We know we are helping change the lives of so many people from the place where it all began for us,” Tarog pointed out, referring to his hometown Mambulao.

Tatom has proposed “passing the hat” among members and requesting those who believe in the group’s objectives to chip in a minimum (initial) amount of Php500.

Saying it is not mandatory but “just to start the ball rolling”.

Tatom said that the association could easily raise about Php150,000 from the 300 out of the expected 1,000 attendees to the coming general home coming on April 28-29, who would be giving on the spot Php500 each.

The projected funds to be raised would defray the cost of meetings, communications, research and gathering of information, among others.

Since the contributions would be done spontaneously, “we can assume a very good collection and pledges from individual members and batches”, Tatom said.

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