Monday, 23 January 2012

Larap road rehab to resume soon

     The end of the concrete road along the road to Larap in front of the Ramon Adea 
     property in Parang after materials had been exhausted recently. However, new supplies 
     are forthcoming and work resumes as soon as the dry season sets in. – MWBuzzpic by 

WITH the completion of the Parang road project, the next phase would be the resumption of the rehab work on the five-kilometer Parang-Larap road.

A source close to Mayor Dong Padilla told MWBuzz the project is “expected to speed up with the coming of the dry season”.

So far, the project has just covered the stretch from “biglang liko” on the outskirts of Mambulao, up to the Adea property facing the the coastline of Mambulao Bay.

The sourse said: “Hanggang sa may property ni Ramon Adea pa lang po ang kalsada … pero ngayong tag-init ay magiging tuloy-tuloy na ang paggawa ng mga kalsada.”

The Adea segment of the Larap road is about five kilometers from the Larap proper.

The source said Mayor Ricarte Padilla is determined to complete the Larap road project, hopefully before his term ends middle of next year.

Earlier, he has appealed to the public, particularly the members of Batch 81, for a donation of bags of cement, gravel and sand.

“I appeal to the generosity of our kababayans to join us in our program called "A bag of cement for a cause". 

Padilla said this program is being spearheaded by the JPNHS Batch 81. 

As of last May, he said they had received pledges for about 3,000 bags, 1,000 of which would come from by Batch 81. 

Padilla also said that his office was in talks with several investors who have intentions to revive the iron mines in Larap.

They could also be potential donors of road building materials, Padilla said, as quoted by the source.
Travelers and motorists have to endure the hassle of traveling the Parang-Larap road, whose entire stretch has been inundated by pot holes.

Most affected are the people living in Calero, Malapayungan, Pag-asa, Sparline and Larap proper.
Natives of Larap based overseas had expressed shock every time they saw pictures of the Larap road in its “hopeless state”.

Padilla said his government is trying to complete the rehabilitation of about 80km of municipal baranggay roads. 

He has vowed to complete the rehab of the road “before his term ends in June 2013”.

      A portion of the rough road to Larap at Calero-Malapayungan area. - MWBuzzpic by 

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