Sunday, 22 January 2012

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Batch ’66
Michigan, USA

HERALDING the continued existence of any news publication after a year or two sounds right.

But we should not forget that this may have been possible by the continuing support from its audience – the readers. Without them, any news publication could fade away in due time.

For awhile, investors or stockholders and advertisers were just like anyone -- "takot maglagay ng pera" (scared to invest money in any entrepreneurial project).

However, detailed and elaborate market information and feasibility studies could later turn such project into gold and therefore, asking potential investors/advertisers to join the bandwagon and open their wallets would be piece of cake.

After all, the "metric of readership", which statistically determines the demand for particular stories, their values and the type of audience being reached, would be the key to opening the door to financial backup and potential investors.

Not one in my 27 years of stay here in our adopted home state of Michigan that we had a Filipino news outlet until "Filipino Star News" came in December of 2009. 

It won the readership support of the Filipino community in Michigan and elsewhere in the US.

Since we now have a free print circulation among dozens of Filipino-American "Sari-Sari stores", every shopper knows what's going on with the Filipino-American community in Metro Detroit and those in neighboring cities as well as the latest news back home in the Philippines. 

I was reading the Filipino Star News’s first week of January edition the other day when an American came up to me and smiled, saying:" You must be really enjoying your local news huh?"

And I said: “Certainly, it’s all about home sweet home".

Our MAMBULAOANS WORLDWIDE BUZZ online  news is barely three months old and we don't have anybody to cling on to stay and continue online publication except for your reading patronage and writing participation. 

Return of investment for anyone is not in the picture.

The fact is that we are not in the business for financial gain but more on delivering consistent social, economic news and environmental advocacies and being in partnership with our local government in reaching out to all Mambulaoans across the world through a consistent flow of information/news focused on our beloved community – Mambulao – and its people.

Be it known that this only online news vehicle will be here for you all as long as the rallying support from you is sustained.

Let's keep MAMBULAOANS WORLDWIDE BUZZ strong and support other Filipino-focused news publications in our community.

But mostof all, "mahalin po natin ang sariling pahayagang pambayan ng Mambulao -- ito po'y para sa ating lahat." 

Thank you for your reading commitment.

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