Sunday, 25 March 2012

Donations to LaPIMa projects hit P61,123.65

A TOTAL of P61,123.65 has been donated to LaPIMa by members to support the association’s various projects that included vocational scholarships for deserving poor Mambulaoans.

Sam Tatom
Most of the donors are based overseas.

The amount was deposited with LaPIMa’s account with the Bank of Philippine Island (BPI), according to Samuel Tatom, LaPIMa secretary.

The donations came from the following members:

1. Berting Remot (Daet)                                                P 5,000
2. Lemuel Laroga (California)                                          4,138.65
3. Roque Baliza (New Zealand)                                       3,000
4. Camat Family (Australia)                                            17,164
5. Tatom -Elep Family  Marikina)                                   10,000
6. Penalosa Family (Makati )                                            5,000
7. Excel Dasco Palomo (Los Angeles, Calif)                  8,121
8. Ed Tarog (Jakarta, Indonesia)                                       5,700
9. Mameng Briones (San Francisco, California )            3,000                     
Total:      P 61,123.65  

LaPIMa has also received monetary pledges from the following:

  1. Prieto Family 
  2. Johnson Kho Ting 
  3. Manny Acenas 
  4. Terry Alferez 
  5. Evelyn Bungay
  6. Monina Ordiz 
  7. Jorops Ropeta 
  8. Ian Sureta 
  9. Tess De Guzman 
10. Tess Evallespa 
11. Jun Loveria 
12. Joselito Sapinoso 
13. Alfredo P Hernandez (One TESDA scholar from Parang @ P12,000)

“On behalf of LaPIMa, the Core Group is once again knocking on your generous hearts to raise funds to sustain LaPIMa's objectives,” Tatom said in an email circulated to members.

LaPIMa will continue its livelihood projects such as piglet distribution, and would soon start a tilapia fish cage project at the water reservoir in the two former mining pits in Larap, namely the “Main Pit” and the “Bessemer pit”, Tatom told members in previous emails.

Donations should be sent/deposited with LaPIMa’s bank account with the Bank of Philippines Islands, directly credited to LAPIMA Inc, bank account No. 0411-0191-79. .

Please notify Tatom regarding your donation for proper recording/ monitoring through email, or contact him through cell phone 0917-822-9983and landline (632) 681-5722.

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