Sunday, 11 March 2012

Late-breaking news

1) An anonymous donor has sent 300 bags of cement to boost Jose Panganiban Mayor Ricarte Panilla’s baranggay road cementing project. The donation was delivered late last week. And sources said Padilla could not contain his surprise of receiving a windfall donation of the much-needed material for the project that has run aground due to continuous rains and dwindling materials supplies.

2) An alleged drug kingpin in Baranggay Parang, Jose Panganiban, was arrested during a recent raid carried out by Jose Panganiban police anti-drug squad. The operation was part of the town government’s effort to rid the community of drug pushers, dealers, producers and traffickers. Mayor Ricarte Padilla has vowed to stay vigilant to keep the municipality drug-free.

3). The municipal government of Jose Panganiban will be providing farmers free seedlings, 
fertilizers, extention work, technical training and support to boost their production and thus, enable them to pay their taxes. Mayor Ricarte Padilla is trying to shore up the municipality’s tax collection to continue his various social and community projects that are now facing fund-crunch due to the cutback in the town’s IRA (internal revenue allocation) from the national government.

4). The municipal government of Jose Panganiban has intensified its drive against illegal fishing. Reports received by the local police revealed that many local fishermen are still using explosives in their fishing activities. Likewise, a unit operating the “bantay-dagat” program continues with its close monitoring of coastal communities in a bid to discourage residents from dumping household rubbish into their shorelines and beaches.

5) Mayor Ricarte Padilla is shuttling between his town and Manila and the provincial capital in Daet to follow up funding assistance that has been mandated for his town. It was gathered that Padilla is trying to facilitate the release of substantial funding from the national and provincial governments and from pork barrels of national leaders sympathetic to certain municipal governments in Bicol that included Senator Juan Ponce Enrile and Senator Chiz Escudero. – Latest reports from PERCY A OSTONAL

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