Friday, 9 March 2012

That boarding house along Legarda

Batch ‘66
Michigan, USA

A WEEK after my high school graduation at JPHS in March of 1966, our Nanay told me to proceed right away to Manila and help our Tatay prepare the "boarding house/apartment" we were renting on Legarda St, Samplaoc, Manila.

Tatay and his lasting legacy
No more than 12 boarders were scheduled to arrive before school opening in June and we had to finish the wood "sleeping bunker-type frameworks".

In between vehicles plying Quiapo and Divisoria routes from Sta Mesa, Bacood, Punta and Cubao and vice-versa, I crossed that street and bought all materials required from that lumber and hardware supply  nearby. 

I wondered though if there was any walking lane for pedestrians at that time? Well, there was none!!!

The term "boarder" sounds  a lot more "college bound" rather than “bed spacer” which meant just "squicky/body fit" place to sleep on and study. Ours was more of the latter.

There were “house rules” that everyone had to comply with:

These were:
1. Lights go off at midnight
2. It was a "must" for everyone to observe silence 
3. Be in good terms with everyone
4. Be extra considerate with others in using the toilet/shower -- time limit urged
5. Cooperate in keeping cleanliness, sanitation and order in the apartment
6. Alcoholic drinks were totally banned.

Our father has been gone since October 2000 and as tribute to his legacy of discipline, and being once the  "parent figure" to dozens of retired college professionals of our town, let us pray for him on his supposedly 90th birthday last January 4, 2012.

We love you very much Tatay and we miss you so much!!!

(The last time my wife and I went home, we took LRT ride from Claro M Recto Avenue to Cubao and as we passed above the apartment we used to live – No. 2803 Legarda St, Sampaloc, Manila -- I remembered too well heaps of memories  that went with it. These are memories that will continue to be relived not only by our family but also by those who lived with us and who addressed our Tatay as '"manager".)

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  1. We all remember our dear departed Father's, the strenght, committment and courage we inherit becomes the guiding light and the rock of our lives. Happy Father's day!