Sunday, 11 March 2012

LaPIMa revs up cement donation appeal

      The end of the concrete road along the road to Larap in front of the Ramon Adea 
     property in Parang after materials had been exhausted recently. However, new supplies 
     are forthcoming and work resumes as soon as the dry season sets in. – MWBuzzpic by 


THE LaPIMa has revved up its drive to raise donations towards the road cementing project of the municipal government of Jose Panganiban.

Samuel Tatom, LaPIMa sectary, recently circulated emails to members urging them to help raise the building materials for the project.

Tatom has appealed to his Batch 66 members to donate bags of cement to speed up the concreting of the rough road segment between Parang and Larap.

“The road is now complete from Motherlode (Poblacion)  to Parang, up to the segment in front of Adea property facing the bay … close to Malapayungan,” he said.

“Mayor (Ricarte) Padilla has started to cement ‘ang matagal na nating pangarap’ to concretize this road going to Larap, and he needs help from individuals and privat sector in this.

“Maraming mayors na ang lumipas at itong anak ni Padilla (Roy Sr) ang nagseryosong gawin ito (road cementing project),” Tatom said.

(The late Roy Padilla Sr was a former mayor of Mambulao during the 60s and the father of current mayor Ricarte Padilla.)

He urged his fellow Larapenos to help and make this “half-century of a dream come true for Larapenos”.

Tatom has reminded would-be-donors to donate “not in cash but in actual bags of cement.”

He said that LaPIMa hopes to deliver a truck-load of cement during the general homecoming of the JPNHS alumni on April 28-29 at the school campus.

“This is hoped to create a bandwagon and generate more cement donations towards the project,” Tatom said.

LaPIMa members are children of former PIM workers, contractors and suppliers who have bonded together for a worthy cause.

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