Thursday, 27 December 2012

EDITORIAL: Mambulao’s ultra-sound service

SOMETIME last May, MWBuzz reported that the municipal government of Jose Panganiban would soon launch an ultra-sound facility targeting pregnant mothers across the municipality.

It would the first in the province of CamNorte to be operated by an LGU.

The idea is to provide cheap ultra-sound service to expectant mothers and those who are nearing childbirth.

Now, this project has become a reality and would open soon to the public.

It is just waiting for the staff who will operate the facility to have their training on this Php650,000 equipment at the National Kidney Center of the Philippines in Quezon City.

It has its own air-conditioned room next to the municipal hospital which sits just across the town hall.

To showcase the importance of this service, the local government through the Municipal Health Office (MHO) held a day-long “Buntis Congress” last December 15 and provided free-of-charge ultra-sound and free checkup services to 30 indigent pregnant mothers from baranggays across the municipality.

The specialized service was provided by seven OB Gynecologists from the Philippine General Hospital (PGH), who also lectured on prenatal and post-natal care.

In our update on the which appears in this edition, a public affairs staff at the LGU-JP said that it would benefit much local pregnant mothers because the service would only cost P400.00 as against the fee charged by ultra-sound services in Daet, the provincial capital and center of commerce.

With one like this in Mambulao, mothers would no longer have to travel far for the services.

The beauty of this project is that under this healthcare initiative of Mayor Ricarte Padilla, all pregnant mothers of would be registered with PhilHealth.

And since the municipality’s RHUs (rural health units) are already accredited with PhilHealth, mothers giving birth would no longer have to spend anything.

Padilla said that under this scheme, the local government would generate some revenues.

Upon the delivery of the baby, PhiHealth will pay the cost which is Php6,000.

Of the amount, Php2,000 will go to the doctor as professional fee and the balance of P4,000 will go to the coffers of the municipality.

It takes some imagination to come up with an effective project that would truly benefit both Mambulaoans and the local government.

The setting up of the ultra-sound facility under the auspices of the local government is one.

Surely, this would surely go a long way in helping mothers nurtured their unborn babies.

At the same time, it would make Mambulaoans feel that their mayor – Meyor Dong – doesn’t stop coming up with projects with long-lasting benefits to his constituents.

The coming of the ultra-sound service is one good news to usher in the New Year.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, MAMBULAOANS across the globe -- from MWBuzz, your news tunnel.

-        Alredo P Hernandez


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