Wednesday, 12 December 2012

PHOTO ESSAY: Flood control project

Residents cross a makeshift bridge over a canal at Baranggay Plaridel.

Working the waterways … Not very long ago, the town of Jose Panganiban suffered prolonged rains and before the residents realized it, the whole community was under water. Parang, which is one of the most thickly populated baranggays outside the poblacion, along with other baranggays within the town proper, suffered the most with most of the houses going under water. It was the first time in many decades that a calamity such as this was experience by the residents. One of the causes of the unexpected flooding was the blocked waterways such as the esteros and creeks bisecting certain baranggays in the poblacion. This incident had prompted the municipal government to dredged critical waterways such as the one in Baranggay Plaridel, which is the escape route of floodwaters coming down from the nearby mountain and ending up in the Mambulao Bay. However, it was not just dredging and rehabilitating the canals – clearing them of stinking rubbish and other materials – that the local government carried out to enhance the flow of water. It was building on both banks of the waterway something that everyone could appreciate one of these days – a concrete walkway. It could take some time to complete the entire stretch of the Plaridel canal owing to funds limitation. But it is almost certain that this will be completed in due time, so that the other tributaries that are critical passageway of floodwaters could be improved as well. Such community projects have never been seen in this community until very recently. – Photo courtesy of LGU-JP/MWBuzz text by A P HERNANDEZ

This canal is being widened to allow for bigger volume of floodwater to flow through.

A segment of the canal undergoing dredging to expand and deepen it.

A portion of the Plaridel canal that has just been completed.

This portion of the canal has been transformed into a neat-looking neighborhood pathway.

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