Thursday, 6 December 2012

Still awesome, but depressing … Anybody with an eye for beauty would always find something of visual pleasure on a heap of rubbish or silt, and the picture (on top) recently snapped by photographer nvr Rodelas, a native of Mambulao, would attest to this. This postcard shot proudly shows off a frame from the beachside which, on closer look, is being savagely inundated by mud and tailings from nearby gold mining operations believed by many in Mambulao to be illegal. A clear proof is the picture above, also by nvr Rodelas, where the supposed yellowish carpet of fine sand of Mambulao Bay is no more as it has been overwhelmed by brownish-reddish silt, courtesy of gold operators who are sluicing gold-laden earth right on the bay waters, just a stone’s throw away from Mayor Dong’s lair. Don’t you worry folks, the fine sand did not physically vanish – it is just underneath a thick layer of red mud; the only thing for you to do is scrape the mud with your toes, and voila! you would see your sand. And maybe, in another 20 years from now, a quarter of Mambulao’s gold-rich mountain slopes would come down to the beach as mud, thanks to the continuous quarrying for gold-earth. Mambulao may prosper from this precious metal, but at what cost! – Photo courtesy of nvr RODELAS/MWBuzz text by AP HERNANDEZ

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