Thursday, 27 December 2012

Mambulao's ultra-sound facility debuts

An OB Gynecologist from the Philippine General Hospital checks up a pregnant mother with the newly installed ultra-sound machine. - Photos courtesy of LGU-JP


THE WELFARE of mothers and their unborn babies has received a big boost with the coming of an ultra-sound service in Jose Panganiban.

A project of the local government through the Municipal Health Office (MHO), the service is a brain child of Mayor Ricarte Padilla, who said that looking after the welfare of mothers, especially those who are going to have a baby, is one of his health projects for Mambulaoans.

The ultra-sound service had its debut last December 15 when the LGU held for one day what it called a "Buntis Congress" targeting mothers who are nearing delivery.
Seven OB Gynecologists from the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) were on hand to perform free medical checkups for the mothers and lectured on maternity care.

Kasandra Et Robin, a staff at the LGU public affairs office, told MWBuzz that the "Buntis Congress" benefited 30 indigent mothers from different municipal baranggays.

The Php650,000 facility was procured by the LGU through "our 'sariling sikap'" (self-help), Padilla told MWBuzz last May.
An OBGyne checking a mother's belly.

He said the staff who will run the machines will train at the National Kidney Center (NCP) in Quezon City.

Aside from getting free ultra-sound check ups, the mothers also received Christmas bags from Padilla and Vice-Mayor Ariel Non, consisting of things that pregnant women would need during childbirth and vitamins.

"After birth, the LGU would also supply them with the needed vitamins and other antibiotics," said Robin.
Robin also said that the LGU is "proud to have two functional lying-in clinics with professional staff.

"All of these are efforts by our mayor and vice-mayor to address issues and concerns on sound maternal and childcare.

Once the facility opens  to the public, the service would cost Php400.00, which is cheaper than what is currently charged by similar facilities in Daet.

"It would be more convenient for our mothers as they no longer have to travel to Daet," Robin said.

Mothers from the neighboring town of Paracale would also benefit from the facility since Mambulao is nearer than Daet.

So far, only Jose Panganiban LGU operates an ultra-sound facility in the province of CamNorte.

Bags of Christmas goodies for a mother's forthcoming childbirth.

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  1. Wow ----Great News...thanks for posting. Happy New Year!

  2. you can tell your wantoks (one talks, meaning same dialect, relatives, kabaranggay, pinsan, kamajungan)to avail themselves of this service... mura lang at bagong baqo pa ang equipment..kaya accurate ang reading... cheers and merry new year !