Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Sunrise at Salvacion … Morning is breaking on the horizon, which is actually that side of this world where the town proper of Jose Panganiban still slumbers and snores, unknowing of the early rising cocks’ crowing. Breaking sunrise is one spectacle that everybody waits for every day, for it brings a new day rich in prospects and apprehensions as well as new fortunes and bad luck. So when sunlight finally bathes the world and colors explode one of those sights that we see would be something that awes and stuns – and the picture below is just a proof to show. This beach rings the little island of Calalanay, which is just a kilometer or so off the coast of Baranggay Salvacion. From here, one could see blue skies and water, and of course a fine carpet of light-brown sand caressed by gentle white ripples sent for by the mother waves. Sadly, this makes one forget that back in Parang, the beach there is continuously being choked with rubbish, courtesy of the neighborhoods along the shore, while the bay waters get polluted day in day out by gold mining wastes. – Facebookpics courtesy of ARTEM ANDAYA/MWBuzz text by A P HERNANDEZ

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