Thursday, 27 December 2012

Latebreakers, By PERCY A OSTONAL

Gathering of the Eagles. A week ago, all 27 baranggay chairpersons and Sanggunian Members of Jose Panganiban were treated to an early Christmas celebration at the Talisay, CamNorte residence of Congressman Renato Unico Jr. Candidates for May 2013 election present were: 1st (Tagalog speaking) and 2nd (Bicol speaking) districts for congress; five vying for Sanggunian Pang-probinsiya; ex-governor Roy Aquino Padilla, Jr; Mayor Ricarte Padilla, JP administration slates for Sanggunian-Bayan and Unico. Vice-Mayor Ariel Non was sick and unable to come. Unico, in his speech, said he is running for CN governorship against re-electionist Governor Edgar Tallado and mentioned to the crowd "how optimistic he is" with the Padillas on his side. Unico expressed confidence on his running mate for vice-governor, the former governor Padilla Jr.

“It was so unfortunate that  political ploy and misleading information are being used by our opponents to harm my candidacy,” said Padilla Jr.   

“I will be a candidate for vice-governor and everything will be okey,” he continued (this pronouncement was possibly made in reference to an earlier report on his disqualification to run). Padilla is running against Jonah Pedro G Pimentel, current vice-governor whose 2010 election votes over his closest rival Senen A Jerez were a landslide of more than 27,000.

"Ako po ay kandidato sa pagka-meyor ng Jose Panganiban sa iisang partido (PDP-LABAN/PMP-UNA) at hindi kandidato ng sinumang political parties … as claimed. Alam po natin ang mithiin nila para gamitin nila ang maayos, malinis at two years’ job performance ko, ni kuya Aye (Vice-Mayor Non) at ng ating sangguniang-bayan team. Sa patuloy na pagunlad at pagsulong ng Jose Panganiban, mas buo po nating mapapatupad ang lahat ng ating mga mithiin kung tutulungan ninyo kaming ibahagi sa kaisipan ng iyong mga kinasasakupan baranggay, sitio, ang buong bayang JP na walo ang kailangan nating kapartido sa konseho municipal,” Padilla stressed. (I am candidate for Mayor of Jose Panganiban under one political party (PDP-LABAN/PMP-UNA) and not a candidate of any other political parties ... as claimed. We know too well what they're up for and that's to use our well organized, tailored political strategy and transparent two years’ job performance of myself, of Vice-Mayor Non and of our administration town council members. Our town's march for continued growth would be a lot better if we could all be on the same side towards our expectations helping our constituents in the barrios, sitios … our town of JP understands the essence and need of eight partymates council members).

Vice-Mayor Non"s in-Laws home sprayed with bullets. Our local reporter said that Vice-Mayor and Mrs Ariel Non's old home at purok #5 at Baranggay Parang now occupied by his in-laws -- Mr and Mrs Maximo Banares -- was sprayed with bullets between the hours of 3am and 4am recently. It was believed done by hired motorcycle-riding-culprits. Sketchy reports said an M-16 was allegedly fired at the roof of the house. No one was hurt according to the report. Non and his family were at their present residence when the incident happened. JP police are currently investigating.

Our last salute … and farewell to Efren B Basquinas. Once a member of JP's "Black Rangers Police Force” during the political transition years of then mayor Roy "Casimiro" Padilla Sr (after an upset victory over re-electionist mayor Marciano Linis). Mr Efren B Basquinas died recently in Jose Panganiban. From a regular police officer, he rose to become the chief of police of Paracale, CamNorte. A community leader he ran for the 2010 Sangguniang-bayan and placed 13th, got 4,014 votes and placed 13th out of twenty four candidates. Some of his contemporaries at the Jose Panganiban police force were: Former JP chief of police Roberto Rosales (deceased), Jose Pablo (deceased), Jose "Joe" Ortiga (deceased), David Bermundo, Mr Pastor and Mr Villania. Thank you, Sir, for your community service keeping our people safe!!

PDP-LABAN/PMP-UNA Official candidates for Sangguniang Pangprobinsiya of CamNorte:
Mike Canlas (Jose Panganiban)
Tereisita D Malubay (Labo)
Erwin L Lausin
Godffrey A  Parale (Capalonga)
"Ponyong "---- A political newcomer, member of  provincial  KBP (Kapisanan ng mga Brodkasters sa Pilipinas ) Daet

Grapevine talks. Mayor Dindo Villafuerte Pardo of Labo, CamNorte  (formerly of LAKAS-KAMPI now PDP-LABAN/PMP-UNA) was reportedly furious at the provincial authorities regarding the alleged passage, access to local public works/facilities and earth material containing rich ore minerals being quarried from the municipal backyard. Just like the administration of Jose Panganiban Mayor Ricarte Padilla, he wants the local government taxation code be applied as well.

Better watch-out, ninongs  and ninangs are not coming to town!!! Just too bad, by the time young and adults could see or visit their ninongs and ninangs this Christmas … they have been LONG GONE, hiding somewhere in places no one could ever imagine. An old-timer and recent Balikbayan who has more than fifty "inaanaks" from "kumpil, binyag at kasal” in Mambulao said he had to HURRY-UP and slipped through the dark a week before, otherwise he may even strip off his pant … ha-ha-ha-ha!!!! MALIGAYANG PASKO AT MANIGONG BAGONG TAON SA INYONG LAHAT!!!

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