Friday, 25 April 2014

LGU ups tax take by 21.45%


THE local government of Mambulao increased its tax collection last year to P5.57 million, up 21.45%, or P983,698, from P4.59 million in 2012.

The jump in tax take was the highlight in the LGU’s revenue campaign, which was intensified with the tax computerization initiative in 2012.

The scheme targeted a zero tax leakage, insuring that revenues had all been accounted for.

Mayor Ricarte “Dong” Padilla told MWBuzz in 2012 when the scheme was launched that computerizing revenue drive was necessary to prevent “revenue leakage” and tax graft.

He said the program was aimed at instituting transparency in the LGU’s tax campaign.

Revenue take from non-tax sources such as registration fees, permits, inspection fees and others jumped 103%, or P5.05 million, to P9.939 million last year, from P4.89 million in 2012.

Overall, the LGU generated revenues of P103.38 million last year, up 18.72% or P16.3 million, from P87.87 million in 2012.

Of the P103.38 million, P87.87 million or 84.97%, was accounted for by revenues from external sources such as share from internal revenue allocation (IRA) of P87.38 million and receipts from borrowings.

On the other hand, combined collections  from tax and non-tax revenue jumped 15%, or P15.5 million, to P103.38 million, from P87.87 million in 2012.

Last year’s revenue collection will fund this year’s P121.92 million budget.

Revenue from business taxes jumped 22.59% last year, or P574,943, to P3.1 million, from P2.54 million from 2012.

Revenue from real state tax (basic) soared 200.72%, or P742,556, to P1.11 million in 2013, from a measly P269,444 the previous year.

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