Friday, 25 April 2014

Projects under CDF unveiled


INFRASTRUCTURE development in Mambulao, CamNorte has taken 31%, or P6.2 million, of the P19.9 million Community Development Fund (CDF) for this year.

This was gathered from the status report on the programs and projects of the Mambulao local government unity (LGU) under the fund.

The other sections of the budget pie included: Economic service development – P2.8 million; social services development – P600,000 and environmental management and development – P8.12 million.

Under the infra development portfolio, five municipal and barangay roads will be concreted: Motherlode road; Maligaya St, South Poblacion; perimeter road of the municipal building in front of Canoreco office; barangay road Purok 7, Plaridel in front of Yet residence; and barangay road in Purok 4 and Purok 6 in Parang.

The so-called People’s Square will be developed and the road back of the RP Memorial Stadium will be upgraded.
Also included are the construction of the farm-to-market road in San Pedro (West) – P2.5 million; and the construction of the drainage canal in Purok 1 and 2 in Larap.

Installation of barangay street lighting will continue.

Under the economic services and development, livelihood and cooperative development will get P1.3 million.

This will be used to acquire equipment for co-op projects and purchase of post-harvest facilities.

Root crops and rice production across the municipality will get a funding of P300,000; livestock dispersal –P200,000; cattle production, breeding and dispersal – P200,000; and construction of cattle production and housing facilities – P200,000.

The municipal tilapia hatchery will get at least P200,000; coral reef rehabilitation project – P50,000; and tinapa-making and housing project P150,000.

The LGU will develop a municipal farm (P100,000) and set up the nursery for reforestation project – P100,000.

The reforestation program will get P200,000 for the reproduction of seedlings and purchase of planting materials.

The program to protect and preserve coral reef will get P100,000 while mangrove reforestation has been allotted P200,000.

The community solid waste management project received P1.5 million for the construction of material recovery facility (MRF) and purchase of waste bins for waste segregation scheme.

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