Friday, 25 April 2014

The resurrection of Parang beach

Awesome scenes as the beach of Parang is resurrected on Easter Sunday. - MWBuzzpics by AP HERNANDEZ


TODAY, Easter Sunday, the beach in Parang is resurrected!

Bathers from Mambulao town, as well as those from the village, transformed the sandy ribbon into a carnival of obvious frenzy, enjoying the tickling morning sun, sanitized sand and cool bay waters.
 “This is the first time in almost twenty years that we saw a big crowd of bathers such as this,” says a local, who is actively involved in the beach clean-up that began last year.
Beach lovers – young and old -- covered a long stretch of the shore as they frolicked in the cool waters and built sand castles, fortresses, summer resorts and many others of various sizes and shapes—an indication that they were feeling great to commune once more with nature and embrace the coming around of their long lost gift of nature.
Colorful umbrellas had sprouted to give shelter against the blistering 9 o’clock sun.
The clich├ęs of scenes on Boracay and Calaguas islands were playing up right here.
People need no longer go far to touch sand and feel the cool of the water in their feet.
Parang beach has it and people who are looking after its upkeep will make sure that the benefits of a clean community beach stay for good.
For almost twenty years until last year, this 1.5km stretch of sand became a dumping ground for community rubbish.
The wastes from coastal baranggays and nearby subdivision ended up here as high tide come in to deposit them. And this happened day in day out.

Hopefully, this would be a thing of the past very soon as efforts to cleanse the shoreline have intensified.
Thanks to the initiatives taken by the Mambulao government led by Mayor Ricarte Padilla, in partnership with many concerned citizens, including the residents along the shoreline.
One bather commented: Nandito pa rin ang mga pinong buhangin .. kelangan lang talaga na patuloy na linisin ang tabing dagat para lumitaw na muli ang original na pinong buhangin.”
 “The LGU is inspired to see the crowd coming back,” says Artem Andaya, a town councilor who is overseeing the daily clean-up.
“Maglalagay po tayo ng mga kiyosko para sa mga bathers (we will set up kiosks for bathers),” he said, adding that beach monitors have been deployed to check potential beach rubbish dumpers.
The waters, of course, still leave to be desired as it remained brownish due to the endless gold sluicing on the other side of the bay.
Nevertheless, it is now free of floating debris, making it relative clean and wholesome for bathing.
Parang beach need not attract outsiders and those who have the means to go to other resorts such as those in Pag-asa and Calalanay Island.
The locals – Mambulaoans and all – are more than enough to jam its sandy stretch and make it truly alive with excitement and fun.
Outsiders – tourists from far and near would be an added bonus.
Indeed, Parang beach has finally come around and its prospects to become a new Mecca for beach lovers are great.
Easter Sunday is truly a great day to usher in the resurrection of our beach! 

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