Friday, 25 April 2014

Mambulao pinyahan farm attracts investor

The 'Queen' pineapple of Daet, CamNorte ... Mambulao will soon produce this variety for export. 


AN investor has taken interest in the pinyahan production project in Baranggay San Pedro, Mambulao, CamNorte.

Joy del Rosario, municipal livelihood project officer, said the unnamed investor intends to set up a dried-fruit processing plant in Mambulao for Formosa pineapple variety.

The project is underway in Baranggay San Pedro, covering about three hectares in the initial stage.

The crop would take about 14 months to grow and harvest.
Meanwhile, a big fresh food market in Quezon City has offered to buy the pineapple harvest, according to a source at the Mambulao local government.

Two more sites – Luklukan Sur and San Jose -- will be developed for Formosa production.

The three sites – San Pedro San Jose and Luklukan Sur – would be needing 30,000 pineapple suckers under phase two of the project.

The San Pedro farm is being operated by four farmer-beneficiaries.

Planting material is being provided by the Mambulao LGU nursery.

Farm inputs will be supplied by the Mambulao Multi-Purpose Cooperative (MMPC) under a credit scheme, in which fingerlings and farm inputs will be repaid from the proceeds of the crop sale.

The pinyahan funding will come from the Grassroots Participatory Budgeting Process (GPBP) program of the national government.

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