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FEATURE: Obesity - A silent killer on the rise

The gym is one place where obese men  could find solution to    
their weight problems.
WHILE today’s modern lifestyle allows us to live comfortably, it has also led to the rise in killer lifestyle diseases like hypertension, cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes. 

These deadly diseases which used to be associated with old age now afflict both young and old and does not discriminate between men and women. And the leading cause of these killers is obesity. 

Obesity kills at least 2.8 million people worldwide annually according to the World Health Organization. 

In the Philippines, the prevalence of overweight Filipinos is expected to increase by 24% and 44% for men and women, respectively in 2015.

“The problem of overweight and obesity is always multifactorial,” says endocrinologist and obesity expert Dr. Kristine Denise Corvera. 

“These include biological tendencies such as low birth weight, hormonal and metabolic problems and one’s genes.  

On the other hand, one’s inherent predisposition is
influenced by the environment and is aggravated by lifestyle and socio-cultural factors.” 

She adds that environments without parks, sidewalks or places
for physical recreation and exercise, unfavorable work schedules, lack of sleep, exposure and easy access to fast food exacerbate the increase in overweight and obesity cases.

Such is the case for entrepreneurs Richele Hilario and Jeffrey Tan. 

“Using food to reward myself and cheer me up when I feel down has caused me to gain a lot of weight,” says Richele.

“With my excess pounds, I found it hard to breathe and I got tired easily. My blood pressure and cholesterol also skyrocketed. I even had to spend two days in the hospital due to liver pain and severe migraine.”   
Like Richele, Jeffrey also loved to eat. He admits that he always eats like it was a feast. 

Working out is fun.
Making matters worse was Jeffrey’s sedentary lifestyle and he found the thought of going to the gym very unappealing.

“Everything I did, even the simplest task like picking things up from the floor or tying my shoe lace took a lot of effort,” says Jeffrey.  

But overweight and obesity is preventable.  

According to Dr Corvera, there are a lot of ways to keep yourself within your ideal weight.  

“As a general rule, eat in moderation and drink lots of water. Go for fresh, whole foods and avoid processed food items which are often loaded with fat, salt, sugar and other chemical preservatives to prolong shelf life. Physical activity is also key,” she says.

Since some people may tend to lose more weight than others, getting on a weight-loss program can be another option.  

Choosing the right weight-loss program shouldn’t be difficult but you should also be wary of weight-loss programs that promise fast, fabulous results.  

“First, set a reasonable goal. I encourage people to do some research and be very discerning before enrolling in a weight-loss program.  

"Remember also that the best weight-loss program is one that is suitable for the person as this may vary from person-to-person.  

“For long-term results, it should also be sustainable and can be translated into a lifestyle,” says Dr. Corvera

Determined to improve their health and transform their lives, Richele and Jeffrey have tried almost everything to lose weight.

“I have tried practically everything -- slimming coffees, pills, high-protein diets, but none of them worked.  It made me ill-tempered, gave me headaches and caused my blood pressure to rise,” says Richele.  

Jeffrey’s aversion to the gym also left with little or no options.  

Believing that eating healthy is the solution to their problem, Richele and Jeffrey enrolled in the Cohen Program. 

With the promise of using food as their medicine, both agreed to enroll in the program. Within four months, Richele’s weight is down from 200 lbs to just 120 lbs while Jeffrey lost a whopping 120 lbs in just eight months.  

Needless to say, both are thrilled with the results. 

“Now, I’m off the high blood and cholesterol blocker pills,” enthuses Richele while Jeffrey says, “I feel light, agile, everything feels easy to do.  I even do 120 push ups each morning to complement my daily morning exercise.” 

 Jeffrey credits having the right mindset to his dramatic weight-loss. 

“To make it happen,
Many women succeeded in attaining this shape.
you have to be committed 100%,” says Jeffrey.  
For Richele, “the option to live a healthy life is in front of us, it’s only a matter of choosing to live and taking the right path to wellness. Start now and you’ll never regret it.”

 “There is no easy way to lose weight. One needs to do the hard work in order to enjoy results.  With the right mindset and determination, everyone can make a difference in turning their health and their lives around,” says Dr. Corvera.  

Sure, obesity kills and the figures on deaths resulting from this silent killer are frightening.  

But the bottom line is you can avoid becoming part of the statistics.  Regular visits to the physician, eating healthy, increased physical activity and being informed are your best weapons in winning the fight against obesity.   
To know more about the healthy way to fight obesity, visit the Cohen’s Lifestyle Centre Philippines at Suite 1006, 10th Floor Medical Plaza Makati Building, Amorsolo cor. de la Rosa Streets, Legaspi Village, Makati City. - Malaya

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