Thursday, 2 August 2012

Late-breakers by PERCY A OSTONAL

 A vehicle similar to this Ford passenger van was donated to the JP-LGU by Senator Jinggoy Estrada recently to be used as transport service of the local government's scholars taking up skills training at Tesda in  Larap. - Photo from the Internet

Getting there. A BRAND-NEW Ford Passenger van believed to have been donated by Senator Jinggoy Estrada to the municipality of Jose Panganiban through the effort of Mayor Dong Padilla has been commissioned to transport TESDA (Technical Education and Skills Development Authority) students from Jose Panganiban to Larap and back. Unless the LGU provides such mobile service, the chances of student "drop-outs" is very likely considering that these student/scholars have no source to support their daily transport expenses. TESDA center (under the office of the President) in Larap is helping local residents develop their skills and increase labor marketability back home and overseas. Our local correspondent also spotted a brand-new 10-sitter aircon mini-van parked at the premise of the municipal hall and was informed by reliable source that again, Mayor Dong "facilitated" such acquisition through his tireless lobbying efforts with national officials in Manila for the LGU’s vehicle project.

Road cementing updates. MWBuzz was informed by our correspondent that the combined LGU-JP residents road cementing project has already reached that section between Baranggay Calero and Baranggay Santa Milagrosa, and is soon on the way to the finish line: Larap!!!!  "Ahh parang kay'lan lang ngani". Monitoring such "bayanihan” undertaking takes so much emotions from all Mambulaoans and certainly, we pride ourselves as sons and daughters of our beloved town. WE STILL NEED YOUR SUPPORT and let's join hands TOGETHER and PLEASE SEND YOUR BAGS OF CEMENT DONATION THE EARLIEST TO OUR JP-LGU. Let us not put our political affiliations above our moral obligation to serve our “kababayans”, most of them living in poverty in far-flung barrios. Mayor Dong Padilla and his administration prefer receiving from donors STRICTLY IN KIND or BAGS OF CEMENT ONLY. MAMBULAOANS WORLDWIDE BUZZ was told by municipal authorities that acknowledgement will be sent to all donors regardless of your whereabouts, so kindly provide your complete addresses and contact numbers. For former residents now living overseas or in different places in the Philippines and want to send donations, we will assist you in every way we can and you can send us your email messages:

Mr Alfredo P Hernandez , editor-in-chief/founder, Mambulaoanas Worldwide Buzz, email address:  ahernandez@thenational,com,pg,

Mr Percy A Ostonal, co-founder and director-marketing/advertising Mambulaoans Worldwide Buzz email address:

Our latest donor: Mr and Mrs Priscillano R Ostonal (nee: Aling Mena Abasula) Charity and Scholarships Foundation - 50 bags of cement

For direct contact, you can also send your email/ message to Mayor Ricarte "Dong " Padilla’s email address:
We are here to help. The Philippine Army detachment in Labo, Camarines Norte under the directive of its regional military headquarter based in Legaspi city, started the implementation of "community relations development objectives" some three months ago in the outlaying barrios of Jose  Panganiban.  These areas are baranggays Santa Cruz, San Isidro, San Pedro and Santa Elena. Report reaching MWBuzz said that soldiers were posted there to help in the construction of baranggay halls, clean up the roads, assist in rehabilitation of school buildings and introduce sports programs to the youth. It is a vital component in enhancing what military strategists call "civil military operations". Such activities target the public or the people living within the community -- it is community-oriented. Actions taken are geared towards gaining popular support, being part of the government and as “one people of our country".

Once upon a time. The colorful political career of ex- councilor Ruben "Ben' Delica ended after the 2010 local elections. He placed 9th out of the eight elected  council members. He was one of consistent topnotchers during the past two terms. Among the many things he is about  to do today is disassociate himself from being in "public eye", more so with baranggay officials, and municipal infrastracture users. After switching his political affiliation to Mayor Dong Padilla (from ex-mayor William Lim) lately, Delica is now in-charge of overseeing all LGU current and on-going public projects. It is apparent that mayor Dong Padilla wants the monitoring process of all projects well manage, under control and fully supervised.

See you in New York. I spoke recently with Reagan O Rada, 32 ,a Fil-Am technical jewelry designer of Piranesi in New York, the largest Italian jewelry company in the US, with royalty clients world-wide. Rada was once a part of the jewelry design team of Hollywood great, Ms Elizabeth Taylor. Ms Taylor reportedly was impressed with Rada's skill and from there, he became a design assistant and ultimately took the post as director of “fulfillment and design”. Rada was called upon by Piranesi executive office to work for them after Ms Taylor died. Rada is our very own Mabulaoan and son of Mr and Mrs Romeo Rada (nee: Milagros "Lagring" Ong) of Marketsite, Jose Panganiban, CamNorte. It is timely that my wife and I will be in "Big Apple" on the second week of August and will have a chance to interview him for our MWbuzz’s late August edition.

(Some information were sourced from GMA NEWS {Pinoy Abroad-pinoy Achievers})


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