Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Lapima scales down Tesda scholarship program

THERE has been a shortage of potential scholars for skills training courses at Tesda-Labo.

This was learned from LaPIMA, who expressed dismay that despite its effort to recruit potential scholars for Tesda training in Labo, Camarines Norte, it came up with only two applicants, who eventually qualified.

LaPIMA, short for “Laking PIM Ako”, had originally planned to send 16 scholars from baranggays Larap, Pag-Asa, Parang and Mambulao.

Each of these areas would have four qualified beneficiaries from marginalized families in the community.

However, during a recruitment exercise early this year, there was a “lukewarm” response from the targeted groups.

In an email circulated among the members of the LaPIMA core group, the association has decided that it would be able to send only two scholars to Tesda-Labo for a three-month course that would begin in October.

Available courses included training on welding, information technology (IT), electrical, dressmaking and baking baking.
It would cost Tesda at least P12,000 to send one scholar. 

The amount would cover the actual Tesda tuition of P6,000 plus transportation and food allowances, board-and-lodging and pocket money.

LaPIMa has budgeted about P192,000 to cover the funds for the 16 scholarships originally planned for this year and early next year.

As of July 31, LaPIMA has P294,523.67 in its bank account with the Bank of Philippine Islands (BPI). 

The money was raised through members’ donations and from fundraising drives held last year and early this year.

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