Thursday, 30 August 2012

Feature: Technology brings us closer

Batch ‘66
Michigan, USA

HEARTS and souls of JPHS batch '66 are everywhere and everyone can tell that we have shared such sentiments ever since.

Sometime in 2000, my boyhood "kapit-bahay", elementary-and-high-school classmates-class-valedictorian-and-kumpareng Ed Tarog visited me here in Michigan and we talked about the fast-emerging electronic mailing, or for short, “email”.

And I remember him telling me that once everyone has a computer (very rare at that time), "Pare, ito ang quickest means to communicate with kahit sino ....kahit saan".

Of course, communication technology has changed enormously over the years and our generation's hard-to-admit psychological reservations have not gotten away from our systems and sending text messages nowadays to some seems much easier do for all intents and purposes.

Gone were the days of waiting for the mail to come and instantly, be it email or texting, you'll have messages that would be flashing before your eyes.

Amazing and beautiful, the changing times has made us all much closer   among ourselves and these human technology creations enabled not only our group but everyone else to solidify relationships into well-coordinated harmony.  

Batch "66 celebrated its 2004 summer reunion at Sam and Jo Tatom's farm in Daet, Camarines Norte with a huge bang and some 200-plus attendees.

Then in June of 2011, we had another one and this time, in Jose Panganiban and the second day picnic-outing at a resort in Daet.

It did not matter if you're from California, Pennsylvania, Florida, Seattle, Washington, New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Illinois, Nevada, Colorado or other  US states, Canada, Europe, the Philippines, Middle East or elsewhere.

We are ONE BIG FAMILY and just an overnight flight away. 

Smaller in group, core members gathered last August 18 at Ben and Lilly Gadin’s summer home and farm (the couple spends half of the year in the Philippines and half of it in the United States) on the outskirt of the City of San Pablo, Laguna, for a mini-reunion and discussed partly early preparation for class of 1966 golden anniversary in 2016 or perhaps 2017 to coincide with JPNHS Grand  Alumni Reunion.

Last April at the JPNHS grand alumni reunion, Batch '66, donated  a truck load of bags of cement responding to Mayor Ricarte "Dong" Padilla's "bag-of-cement-for- a cause" joint JP-LGU and residents of the town "bayanihan" project.


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