Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Passengers warned against ‘salisi gang’ on board Superlines buses

The bus terminal in Jose Panganiban for Manila-bound buses such as Pantranco and Superlines. – MWBuzzpic by AP HERNANDEZ
MAMBULAO residents traveling to Manila on overnight Superlines trip have been warned against alleged members of “Salisi Gang” who are on board the bus.

In a posting on his Facebook account, Venancio Venz Estipona Despi has warned passengers on Manila-bound Superlines (and those traveling to JPanganiban) to be on guard of their personal belongings during the trip.

He said the suspects would usually board the bus at the terminal and would take valuable belongings from passengers while they were asleep.

Then, the suspects would ask the bus driver to drop them off quickly.

Estipona Despi said the suspects normally target items like laptops, cameras, cell phones and others.

One Facebook member has complained that the Manila-bound Superlines buses are picking up short-bound passengers when they (buses) should not be doing this.

He suspected that the bus’ conductors could be in collusion with the thieves.

Another Mambulao resident said that on a Mambulao-bound Superlines bus he was riding, a woman passenger lost two of her bags during the trip.

She noticed her missing belongings when she was about to get off at the Gumaus bus stop, the Mambulao resident said.

Concerned Facebook members have called on authorities in Mambulao to look into the problem before it could get out of hand.

“They should formally inform the Superlines office in Mambulao about the alleged thefts happening in their buses during the trip … and do something about this.”

A Daet-bound Superlines bus makes a stopover at Atimonan, Quezon. – Photo courtesy of Flickr

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