Thursday, 24 November 2011

Batch ’66 eyes umbrella group for Mambulaoans

The mini-Jose Rizal Park inside the JPNHS campus. A similar park for Dr Jose Panganiban is in order.

PROMINENT members of JPHS Batch ’66 are in talks as to what umbrella group should cover all Mambulaoans and alumni who are also members of different active groups in Jose Panganiban and overseas.

Metro Manila-based Samuel Tatom, secretary of the Larap PIM Association (LaPIMa), and Jakarta-based Eddie Tarog were of late comparing notes as to the appropriate name the umbrella group should adapt.

Tarog does not belong to LaPIMa, being a native of the poblacion.

In his recent meeting with Metro Manila-based Mambulaoans, Tatom pitched the idea of forming “one strong, solid Mambulaoan organization around the world centered and conceptualized by the mother group – the Jose Panganiban High School Alumni Association”.

Tatom has proposed MATHEW, INC, which stands for “Mambulawans Around THE World, Inc”.

Tarog, in his recent email to Tatom, had pushed for “JPCN Inc”, in a bid to retain the name of the town – Jose Panganiban.

Tatom said in his recent FaceBook posting under the “Taga-Larap Ako” account that the proposed MATHEW Inc has only one set of board of directors comprising 11 officers, and five officers with the International core groups (US, Europe, Middle East, South East Asia, Australia) and the Manila/Bicol Core Group.

If pushed through, MATHEW Inc will be registered with the Security Exchange Commission (SEC) as a non-profit organization.

On the other hand, Tarog’s JPCN Inc would likely to have a total of 66 overseas members of board and 30 officers working independently.

Taking one common stand, however, Tatom and Tarog pitched for an umbrella organization for all the existing associations, namely LaPIMa, Taga-Larap Ako (TLA), MINA East, MINA West – San Francisco, MINA West – Los Angeles and others.

Both leaders were for a name of an organization that would retain the name “Mambulawan”, a term that refers to all the natives of the town.

Likewise, they also seemed to agree on an organization with less number of officers.

Existing Mambulaoan associations overseas have layers of elected officers, which could cause some operational problems later, especially on projects involving funding and materials.

Tatom had explained that the core of whatever umbrella group would always be the JPHS alumni association.

Acknowledging that it was a sensitive issue, he urged for more interaction among alumni members.

He said: “Kailanman di puedeng mawala ang JPHS Alumni Association dahil parang neutral ground ito … and most and majority of the old and young members now ay dito nanggaling … sa isang common place … high school.

“I think our proposed organization should be one aggressive group with one name, less directors and officers, but with effective volunteer international and local core groups,” he said.

“Our one common goal is to help the 27 barangays of Jose Panganiban because it's "payback time", Tatom said, referring to possible assistance that the JPNHS alumni could give to their community and to their Alma Mater.

Tarog has yet to respond to Tatom’s proposal.

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  1. One noteworthy project that the alumni assoc could also consider is the putting up of another mini-park dedicated to Dr Jose Panganiban within the JPNHS campus. There's only one monument to this guy... atop the stairs at the JPES in town... not a good one for the Town's hero...maybe a park to his memory could do justice.