Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Road to staying fit

JPHS Batch ’66
Michigan, USA

ALTHOUGH the “how to’s” on staying fit may seem complicated and  obviously "bucket-full",  a semi/annual medical check-up and consultation with your family doctor should be the first logical step to take before undergoing any kind of  pyhsical fitness and wellness program.

Second to none, keeping ourselves safe within the medical guidelines and limitations will enable us to determine our own conventional judgment, whether there's room for such extreme process and "be on track" within the duration of the aging path.

The writer, Percy Ostonal ... a running buff
I am always fascinated with Adidas's \advertisement "Just Do It" and whoever was the creator of this Earth's most-challenging commercial has the greatest vision to mankind's never-ending saga of survival.

Apparently, the financial reward for such a "catchy phrase" creativity was of staggering amount, and the one who coined the phrase was clueless of the physiological value that has been planted in everyone’s mind: the message "to go on and never quit" for as long as there's life.

True to my belief by "just doing it", my running and jogging of 40 years from 1971 back in the Philippines, then in Saudi Arabia  (overseas employment,1980-1984) and now, here in my adopted home, the  state of  Michigan, has been my only form of  exercise.

The highlight of my long-distance running career finally came at age 60: I ran and completed The Detroit Free Press International Marathon on October 18, 2009 between two cities and countries of Detroit and Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Now officially retired from rigorous and demanding 13.5 and 26.2 miles competitive marks, I am confined to 5 miles, three times a week grind .

At age 62, I may catch people saying: "Hey Percy, what's up, don't you find it crazy enough doing that"?

Well, my response would be: "I am in my best body and spirit all the time".

Simple tips:
A. Apples and bananas are the best fruits after pyhsical and wellness programs
B.  Be it running or brisk walking or weight-bearing exercises, take along with you lots of water to drink
C. Do at least 5 to 10 minutes stretching before and after the gig.

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