Thursday, 24 November 2011

Editorial No. 1

 A student operates a precision machine at a training center of TESDA in Taguig City. He is learning to become a “turnero”, a high-paying trade skill.

Let’s support LaPIMa’s scholarship program

THE vocational and technical training scholarships program that the Larap PIM Association (LaPIMa) has initiated is one step forward in the right direction. 

Such training, aimed at helping deserving Mambulaoan youths, would be carried out through TESDA, a government agency which provides skills training to those who needed a second trade, or those who never had at all.

At present, LaPIMa has four scholars and is targeting a total of 16 very soon, depending on available funds, to be distributed equally among Larap, Parang, Pag-Asa and Jose Panganiban.

One good thing about TESDA (Technical Education and Skills
Development Authority) is that it has branches across the country catering to individuals who did not have the chance to pursue college education.

So, as far as Mambulaoans are concerned, there is a TESDA unit in Labo, which offers an array of vocational and technical courses that may include graphic design, electrical installation technology, industrial electronics, fashion technology, welding, automotive and bricklaying.

Livelihood skills training are also available, such as flower arrangement, baking, throw pillow-making and many handicraft activities.

These trade skills are what the economy needs. They command better pay when worked overseas. This is the target of LaPIMa when it decided to come up with scholarships plan along this line.

Director-General Joel Villanueva
Recently, TESDA Director General Joel Villanueva told a big group of trade students during a recent skills competition at the TESDA complex in Taguig City:

 “The thousands of graduates that TESDA has produced are testimony of the relevant role technical education plays to the country's development and progress. 

“The increasing number of young people going into technical education and skills development sends a strong message that TESD is in vogue and here to stay,” Villanueva said.

So, there’s a better chance for many young people of Mambulao to pursue another kind of learning through TESD.

It therefore makes sense to support LaPIMa in its effort to raise the needed funds so that it could send those deserving students to the learning center. 

Doing so, the association is acquiring a big stake in the future of these youths. 


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