Thursday, 24 November 2011

JP govt to tap JPNHS alumni for road funding

Picture shows a portion of the Parang-Larap road which has been giving headaches to motorists and travelers.  This is one of the targets of the municipal government road-cementing project. The big question has remained: How much longer would the people of Larap and those living along this deplorable road have to wait? – Picture grab from Facebook account of “Taga-Larap Ako”.

THE municipal council of Jose Panganiban will tap the alumni of Jose Panganiban National High School to help in its baranggay road-cementing project.

This was learned from Kagawad Carlos Tabuada recently, who said that the council would seek the alumni’s help under the motto “giving back to the community”.

Tabuada, who is also a member of the JPCHS faculty, is expected to present the appeal during the school alumni’s general homecoming reunion on April 28-29, 2012.

“We need more materials and we hope that the JPNHS alumni would be able to help the municipal government,” Tabuada said.

The local government is carrying out a municipality-wide cementing of baranggay roads and needs help from the private sector to complete the project.

It is focusing its eyes on the scheduled general home coming reunion of the former graduates of JPNHS, whom the local government believes would be able to help.

Although many of the baranggays roads in the immediate vicinity of the poblacion have been concreted, there are still long strips of rough roads that have to be covered.
Road cementing in Parang is almost complete.

The next phase of the project would now cover the 5km rough road that links Parang to Larap, Sta Milagrosa, Spurline and nearby baranggays.

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