Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Christmas presents for Larap Elementary School

The pupils in this school will benefit from a donation of  musical instruments, sports equipment and others in time for Christmas. The initiative is now being organized by a group of former Larap residents who now based overseas. - Photo courtesy of Facebook account 'Taga-Larap Ako".

A GROUP of natives of Larap who are now based overseas is organizing donations towards the local elementary school in time for the Christmas holidays.

The initiative is being spearheaded by Melany Prima Boewer (whereabouts unknown), who posted on the Facebook account of the Taga Larap Ako group that they are trying to collect musical instruments, sports equipment, gameboards and maybe some reconditioned computer/laptop sets.

The beneficiaries are the children of the Larap Elementary School (LES), where most of overseas natives had studied.

The school, on occasion, would rely on donations of goods and facilities to meet its needs and such usually would come from generous members of the community who are currently working overseas.

Since music has been one of the subjects and an interest activities being promoted by LES, the young students needed proper equipment and instruments that would help them develop their musical talent.

The overseas natives of the community have seen the need and are now mobilizing to raise the items.

Initially, it has been agreed that those who would be coming home for the Christmas holidays would take care of bringing home whatever is possible.

Coordination with the LES principal and teachers as well as the Parents-Teachers Association has been made of late concerning the date as to when the donations would be turned over.

Those involved in the project said that the Christmas presents would not be that much, but they would be something the LES children would use at school.

And to boost the volume of possible goods that the Larap group could bring home, Ms Boewer has begun her campaign on Facebook, as she enjoined the rest of the Larap overseas workers to chip in for the cause.

At the moment, however, they would not be able to donate cash to fund some of the school's urgent needs, according to Ms Boewer.

"It could come later," she added.

Source: Facebook postings of the 'Taga-Larap Ako' group.


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