Thursday, 24 November 2011

Philadelphia magazine features Pinoy expat and his charity in Papua New Guinea

The cover of the Pinoy-oriented magazine My Pinoy World, with a blurb: Tembari Children Care, which is charity group at a village settlement outside the city of Port Moresby. Tembari is getting big support from expatriate Filipino journalist Alfredo P Hernandez.

A FILIPINO-focused magazine in Philadelphia has featured a group of less-fortunate village children in Papua New Guinea who are getting big support from a Filipino expatriate.

Published twice a month, the My Pinoy World magazine ( carried in their October edition the story of the 200 children under the care of Tembari Children’s Care (TCC), a charity operating at a village settlement on the outskirts of Port Moresby, the capital city.

Titled A Friend of Tembari Children, which referred to Filipino expatriate journalist Alfredo P Hernandez, the article was featured in the magazine’s center spread and showed pictures of Tembari children in various activities.

Hernandez is the only expatriate actively involved in promoting the welfare of the Tembari children, who are abandoned, unfortunate and orphans.

The facility has been getting big support since early 2010 from the Filipino, who lives permanently in Port Moresby.

Hernandez’s self-appointed job for the children is to look donors who would provide them money, food, materials and services and to find donors for yearly tuition fees of the charity’s 78 children in elementary and primary schools.

The center has also 100 preschool children.

Tembari feeds the 200 children twice a day, from Monday to Saturday.

Incidentally, Hernandez is the founder and editor-administrator of the cyber bulletin board “Mambulaoans WorldWide Buzz”, which caters to the social information needs of overseas natives of the town of Mambulao, now known as Jose Panganiban, in Camarines Norte, Philippines.

He belongs to Batch ’65 of the Jose Panganiban High School alumni

AP Hernandez with the 38 children who recently graduated from the Tembari preschool, to move up to Grade 1.

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