Thursday, 24 November 2011

JP Elementary School: These days and those days

 REMINISCENCESamuel P Hernandez (center), a senior IT at PLTD ADSL, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, recently visited his hometown Mambulao and reminisced on the years he, as a truant schoolboy, was roaming the town and scrutinizing every nook and corner of the town, including the JP Elementary School where he took his early schooling. Born in Larap but grew roots in Parang with six other siblings including AP Hernandez, MWBuzz founder, Sam took lots of pics around the poblacion, particularly of the new things that cropped up on the JPES campus over the last 40 years. You can see the photos on his FaceBook account.  


  1. Hehe poge mo pari....akin na lang ang jaket mo.. pag uwi ko okey?

  2. madami dito nyan kuya.. hehehehe