Thursday, 25 October 2012

An invitation to all JP candidates for the May 2013 elections


MAMBULAOANS Worldwide Buzz is extending an invitation to all JP local candidates running for Mayor, Vice-Mayor and Sangguniang-Bayan to send in their Platform of Government, candidates’ personal profiles or advertisements for the May 16, 2013 local election. 

The chance and opportunity to provide your kababayans relevant information about the things you want to contribute to our town and people as public servants is just right this time. 

MWBuzz will be a neutral place and we will remain non-partisan throughout the political process.
"Ito po ay LIBRE, Ito'y para sa ating lahat na MAMBULAOANS!!!

Rules to follow:
A. Please limit up to 2,500 words

B. We will not entertain name-calling, personal attack, character assassination among others  with contending candidates  

C. You, being the sender and representing your candidacy, will be solely responsible for the truthfulness of your statements or advertisements and therefore, MWBuzz is not legally bound and responsible to any consequences that may arise from or lead to legal suits from anyone.

D. Subject to editing, MWBUZZ will only publish it in either English or Filipino languages

E. MWBUZZ has the right to examine and refuse acceptance of articles that promotes morally damaging and unfriendly/unprofessional gestures
F. Clearly indicate your personal resume as MWBuzz wish to present you to all our Kababayans in the best possible form we can prepare.
G.  Your message should be simple, straight-forward and EASY TO UNDERSTAND.

H. Take note that we have no less than 7,000 readers across the world -- Mambulaoans -- and therefore there would be time and situation where comments would be raised, either in negative or positive way.

Please have your response in the most appropriate means and let's show respect and courtesy among ourselves. 


Alfredo P Hernandez  email @
Editor-in-chief, founder-administrator
Percy A  Ostonal       email@
Co-founder, director for marketing and advertising

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