Thursday, 11 October 2012

Mayor Dong's perk

Tying the knot … One of the perks of being a town mayor is that you can bless in marriage those couples who opt to stay away from one with religious touch, and there are many of them. Such couples and lawyers would tell you that a civil wedding is “more legal” than one officiated by a priest. Raymund Soler Dasco and his girlfriend Dhes Ocray (pictured with Mayor Dong Padilla) believed so, that they have decided to plunge into the unknown by having it not in the church but at the office of Mambulao Mayor Dong Padilla. It’s more comfy, after all, as the couple doesn’t have to bother about a lot of things – from the wedding gown that the bride had to wear as well as those of the  “abay” to the groom’s “terno”. All they needed are two sets of modest gold bands – as souvenirs -- and lots of love for one another. And of course, a reservation at their favorite hotel for the wedding night. – Photos by ROBERT RYAN RAGEL/JPLGU/MWBuzz text by AP HERNANDEZ
The newlyweds with Mayor Dong.

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