Thursday, 11 October 2012

The boy and the beach … It is early morning at the beach and this boy came out of their shanty for a breakfast of fresh breeze from the Mambulao Bay. There may not be a cup of instant coffee or hot pandesal on the family table this morning but the sight of the bay from where he stands right now would be enough for him to forget all about breakfast for the time being. This very moment, he is in commune with nature, although what he got right now around him – rubbish strewn all over the sand that should make for a pleasant ground to walk on – is not that ideal. But still, as a young boy from a poor fishing family in Parang, he is lucky compared to other kids in many other places where beach like this – filthy or otherwise - is unheard of, or just existing in their imagination. – Photo by ERIC ESPANA/MWBuzz text by AP HERNANDEZ

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