Saturday, 13 October 2012

Latebreakers, by PERCY A OSTONAL

It's official : Mayor Padilla virtually unopposed. Confirmed by our JP correspondent, incumbent Mayor Ricarte "Dong" Padilla (PDP-LABAN/PMP-UNA) will be gunning for his second term as the town's executive virtually unopposed. Ex- Mayor William Lim, three-terms mayor of  JP and losing 2010 vice-governatorial candidate of current Provincial Governor Edgar Tallado (Liberal  Party) ultimately decided instead filing his certificate of candidacy  for vice-mayoral slot under the same party. Considered  a "nuisance candidate" for mayor and a 2010 losing  candidate as well, Arlen Julia "Manoy" Olores (Independent)  of baranggay Larap has once again going after for the much-coveted "impossible dream" of getting elected as mayor. From our reliable source, we were told that Olores used to be a long-time OFW in the Middle East. Holding on and preserving his previous political legacy of fifteen years in office (nine(9) years as mayor, six years as vice-mayor) ex-mayor Lim will be challenging  Mayor Padilla's trusted second in-command and current Vice-Mayor Ariel Non. Political analysts considers "highly probable" that Non's re-electability will be decided upon on Padilla's soaring popularity. "It's a calculated and tactical political move for ex-mayor Lim to seek the second highest municipal job. It's "common sense" that it's all but preparatory launching his bid once again for mayorship after Mayor Dong Padilla's term of office expires, said a retired Sangguniang Bayan member.

Below was the 2010 local election final votes tabulation:

For Mayor:
Ricarte "Dong" Padilla (PMP) -11,495
Yolanda L lim  (LP) - 5,540 (wife of ex-mayor William Lim)
Arlen Julia "Manoy" Olores (I) - 268

Registered Sangguniang-bayan candidates (COMELEC) 2013 Local election, Jose Panganiban, Camarines Norte

PDP/Laban/PMP-United Nationalist Alliance
Aristeo E Arenal - Re-electionist
Romeo  M Arena - Re-electionist
Sarah Marie  Aviado - Re-electionist
Ramil  S Ybarola - Re-electionist (ran for 2010 Sangguniang Bayan under Liberal Party)
Carlos R Taboada- Re-electionist
Felino  M  Schneider IV - Re-electionist
Mark del Pilar - 2010 local election losing candidate for Sangguniang Bayan, under Padilla-Non tandem
Eddie  Evangelista - Newcomer, businessman, Mambulao native

Casiano O Dilao - One-time baranggay chairman and vice mayor
Pompe D Guzman - Re-electionist
Rodrigo Y Ultra - Re-electionist
Edgar T  Arjite  - Baranggay Chairman,Sta. Milagrosa
Grace Villa Blanca - Former baranggay Santa Elena chairperson
Tres  Panganiban - University of  the Philippines-Los Banos student council leader, scholar
Artemio Andaya  - Former JP Sanguniang-bayan member who ran and lost the 2010 Sanguniang-Pangprobinsya
Enrico  Solis - Baranggay  Chairman, Salvacion

Ditz " Diday" R. Abano  Baranggay  Chairperson, South  Poblacion
Jason  J Arriola - Baranggay  Chairman, Bagong- bayan
R Bataller - Baranggay  Kagawad,  Pag asa 
Ariel Villaflores - Baranggay  kagawad, Parang and relative to former JP council member  

Independent survey early winning projections:
Billed as "The Performance Team” under “Lakan Padilla”, the Padilla-Non tambalan and its Sangguniang-Bayan slate are simply too strong to beat, according to a provincial and local independent survey group. From a highly reliable source of information, it has been said that realistically, it will be more or less six in winning and two in losing columns for PDP-LABAN/PMP-UNA Sangguniang-Bayan candidates. Any ‘miracle of sort’ sweeping the opposition might be possible, just imagine "sa dalawang taong panunungkulan ni  Dong Padilla maraming prohekto na ang nagawa, hindi siya naglalagay ng mga karatula o advertisement na "sa kanya ang mga projects na ito” bagkos, ito ang ipinalalagay niya: “Alay sa mamamayan … alay sa Diyos". “People revere Mayor Padilla with his award-winning local government leadership and governance," according to the party’s lead logistics person.

JP fiesta celebration was calm and orderly. Except for some minor drunkenness and a little of crowd-control hassles during the duration of the festivities, town police force never encountered any untoward incidents to ruin the celebration. The "beer plaza" and the concert at the park were both closely watched by uniformed policemen. To prevent unacceptable abuse of the newly-restored Boardwalk during the nightly affairs towards the two fiesta, the facility was made temporary "off-limits" to everyone.

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