Thursday, 11 October 2012

Construction of new Parang bridge okayed

 The Parang bridge … faulty and ugly design. – Photo by LAURO RATAC 

THE construction of a new bridge that will replace the existing one in Parang, Jose Panganiban, is expected to begin soon.

The papers that will pave the way for the bridge construction were signed recently by Public Works and Highways Secretary Rogelio L Singson.

The old Parang bridge, which links the baranggay to the town proper (poblacion) of Jose Panganiban, will be replaced at an estimate cost of at least P20 million.

The project falls under the President’s Bridge Program Office (PBPO), which aims to build and rehabilitate bridges across the country as part of the government’s drive to improve the living condition in the rural areas.

The bridging materials will be supplied by the PBPO while the design and supervision works will be undertaken by the local government of Jose Panganiban, CamNorte.

PBO will assist during the installation of the bridging materials.

Funds to finance the shipment/hauling and launching of the superstructure, civil works for the substructure and other necessary works to complete the project will be shouldered by the JP-LGU.

A source at the JP-LGU told MWBuzz that the Parang bridge has become hazardous to both pedestrian and vehicular traffic due to its faulty design.


  1. i dont exactly remember when this bridge was constructed but i think it is there for almost 50 yrs now. before it was constructed, we have to pass a wooden foot bridge that connects the poblacion to parang on the same place where the current bridge is located. you have to be careful in reaching the other end as to watch your every step not to miss a single wood on the bridge because it is not jointed side by side. and i think it was the first tenure of the late mayor padilla that is was constructed and it was a big help to motorists and pedestrians. now it will be replaced because of a faulty design. well i still congratulate those engineers who design the parang bridge that it serves the public for almost 50 yrs. mabuhay kayo...

  2. I first saw this bridge sometime in 2000 when i came home to Parang after being away for so many years. and i was glad that this bridge is concrete/steel. i remember the bamboo bridge that we used to cross going to the other side on our way to school in town. it's good the present mayor has taken the initiative to push its replacement under a bridge program of president noynoy. a new bridge would be good for all mambulaoans.