Thursday, 25 October 2012

Bicol Habitat distributes repair kits

NAGA CITY: Bicol Habitat has distributed shelter repair kits to its beneficiaries residing in the towns of  Camaligan, Magarao, Minalabac, and in the City of Naga.

The kits for beneficiaries from Camaligan were distributed at Camaligan Municipal Hall in the morning of Monday (Oct) and from Magarao in the afternoon at Magarao Municipal Hall. 

Those from the city of Naga received their kits at the Jesse M. Robredo Coliseum in the morning of (Tuesday) Oct 23 and those from Minalabac had their kits distributed at the town’s municipal hall in the afternoon.

A shelter repair kit consists of 4 GI sheets, 4 pieces of plywood, and umbrella nails and CW nails. 

These materials are intended for the replacement of leaking roofs and dilapidated walls in the houses of the beneficiaries.

Recipients of these shelter repair kits numbered 90, of which 64 came from barangay Concepcion and 26 from Sabang. 

Repair kits for other barangays would be scheduled later since Bicol Habitat has to look for cooperative local government units which are willing to share their resources such as the free transport of these kits from the bodega of Bicol Habitat to the urban poor site, provision for snacks of the beneficiaries, addition of some items to the repair kit, like pieces of lumber, and others.  

Not a few local government units have the willingness to pledge their share in this cooperative invitation and effort of Bicol Habitat.

In the City of Naga, the Sanggunian Panlungsod and City Mayor John A Bongat have always shown full support to any of Bicol Habitat’s undertaking. 

Tuesday morning, before conducting their weekly session, found them attending the distribution of the repair kits and pledging the beneficiaries the facilities of City Hall in whichever way they can to help them.

Besides, Bicol Habitat has yet to conduct a validation process of all beneficiaries before these kits are given and seven days after the kits have been distributed to see if the house of the beneficiary has need for it and if the repair materials have been used properly as intended.

The distribution of these kits is in keeping with the credo of Habitat that living in a decent home brings about respect and a certain level of dignity to its beneficiaries.

Donor of these kits is Don Fernando Zobel de Ayala who tapped Habitat for Humanity Philippines and Bicol Habitat for the distribution of the goods through their “Ayos Bahay Challenge”.

Recipients of these repair kits from the town of Magarao numbered 150, from Camaligan 99, and from Minalabac 80. – Bicol Mail

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