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Late-breakers: 2013 elections simmering …

I just call to say … Our JP correspondent’s latest dispatch said that CamNorte Governor Edgar Tallado, in the company of Provincial Public Works and Engineering personnel, was seen visiting roads and bridges’ construction projects in some barrios of Jose Panganiban recently. Elated and gratified of the news, Mayor Ricarte "Dong" Padilla sent his message of thanks and appreciation to the governor.

As one barrio folk said: "Isang patunay po ito na sa gitna ng pagiging hindi magka-partido ni Mayor Padilla at Gov Tallado at madalas na hindi pagkakasundo sa maraming bagay pang politika, nag kukumplemento sila sa isa't isa sa ikabubuti ng mamamayang nasa mga liblib na lugar tulad ng aming kinalalagyan". (This is to show that despite their political differences and disagreements, Mayor Padilla and Gov Tallado do complement each other for the good and welfare of isolated barrio residents like us).

The Pag-asa beach … an upcoming resort as planned by the municipal government of Jose Panganiban. – MWBuzzpic by A P HERNANDEZ
There are gold mines at beach front. Once called "Bunog", barrio Pagasa was seen as the solution to the workers’ housing site woes of the Philippine Iron Mines (PIM) during its heydays. But the final shutdown of the company in the late 70s made it a ghost community , leaving the place with few families who settled for good and turned to fishing and farming for their livelihood. Despite losing its inhabitants, "Bunog" beach remains the favorite destination for both local and visitors alike, especially during summer time. The beach development initiative has been Mayor Dong Padilla's tourists attraction project, which was featured in MWBuzz by no less than Fred P Hernandez, editor-in-chief. Tentative blue print on "how everything could be started" reveals investment potentials for hotels, business establishments, services, amusements and housing. Mayor Padilla, according to Hernandez, is very confident of its realization and how it will directly help our treasury, employment and economic well-being of the town of Jose Panganiban. If you're one of those lucky individuals holding land titles, property rights or any documents attesting ownerships close to the beach , you might be just setting on "pot of  gold"  the moment this place becomes the "Boracay" of CamNorte.

Please don't ever leave me!!!! News report reaching MWBuzz indicated that Gov "Egay" Tallado's frequency of visit, and inspection, of provincial infrastracture projects in outlaying barrios of Jose Panganiban has become noticeable of late. (Barrios of Santa Elena, San Isidro, Santa Cruz and Larap). Tagging along with his "self-styled" medical, dental and personal hygiene/good grooming mission, in coordination with the province's health services and "beauty enhancing" teams, he made sure that he as well-surrounded by his political advisers, partymates and aides at all time. Like "kabute", (apt word used by a barrio resident of San Isidro) ex-mayor William Lim had always shown up on these occasions, along with his most “avid and trusted" political followers in the person of current  JP Sangguniang Bayan member  Guzman  and Ultra. "Sumusulpot lang po iyan para "mag pa pogi" na naman dahil alam ng lahat malapit na naman ang election at ayaw magpapaiwan kaya ito , nakasabit kay gobernador". (He just pops-up from nowhere and shows his face on occasions like these along with his "avid and trusted" political followers in the person of JP SB member Guzman and Ultra, knowing that election is fast approaching and he does not want to be left out ....s o he got no choice except to ride with the governor.

The magnificent seven!!!! After so many nights of deliberations and over-all assessments on personal capability,  integrity, character, motivation, party loyalty commitment and  electability, it was said that Mayor Ricarte "Dong" Padilla and his whole JP political group  had finalized its Mgnificent Seven as official slate for next year's local elections. And for the last slot, which the group said has "considerable number of aspirants", Eddie "Ed" Evangelista, a native Mambulaoan-businessman and civic leader leads the pack in the race to complete the roster.

Current Administration  candidates for  councilor
Aristeo E "Tingting" Arenal (re-electionist)
Romeo M Arena (re-electionist)
sarah Marie P Aviado (re-electionist)
Carlos R "Caloy" Taboada (re-electionist)
Felino M "Felicoy" Schneider IV (re-electionist) 
Latest addition:
Nestor Ledesma - current Baranggay Chairman of Sta Rosa Norte
Mark A Del Pilar - South Baranggay Poblacion resident, businessman-owner of  Wonder kids Pre-School ( the former Dr and Mrs Valdez clinic-residence fronting the Evangelista ancestral home and tailoring , 2010 candidate for SB under Padilla-Non Tandem
The boardwalk against the fiery Mambulao Bay sunset.
The Boardwalk is finally remodeled!!!!!. It has been said that Mayor Ricarte "Dong" Padilla's effort financing this particular local tourism project was the by-product of complete process of budgetary savings. Per record, expenses on labor and materials were neither backed by the national nor provincial funds. Painting is all it needs for NOW "para raw po makita at gawing pasyalan ang tanging atin na napakamagandang boardwalk”, one engineering and construction personnel said to our JP correspondent.

Provincial-level politics. Comes 2013 provincial and local elections, the reverberating noise of  Unico-Padilla team (Renato Unico Jr, current 1st district house representative of CamNorte, for governor, and Casimiro "Roy" A Padilla Jr, former two-term mayor of JP and CamNorte governor, for vice-governor) is a resounding political gossips and well-known  experts predict that Gov "Egay” Tallado might not at all be the  Liberal Party standard bearer. On September 8, the  COMELEC will hand its final decision as to the electoral protest of ex-mayor Winifredo B Oco against Tallado's  slim margin of victory over him during their 2010 contest for the governor’s office.

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